Thursday, September 1, 2011

Amusement Park Fun

Happy Thursday all, I hope everyone is preparing for a wonderful weekend, a nice long one at that!!! Well if you're in the US. I know I hope to do lots of things this weekend, nap, watch TV, scrap, nap, read, nap, shop, nap...are you catching on to my theme for the weekend. Well enough of that, today I'm going to show you a couple of layouts I made with Scraps by Andrea's September BAKs (build a kit). They are called Amusement Park Fun Patterned Papers, Amusement Park Fun Cardstock, and Amusement Park Fun Elements and they are so much fun. Perfect for scrapping your photos from the amusement park, fair or carnival. I love the colors and Andrea did a great job with all the elements. My layouts both use photos I took last year at a local carnival. Sharla and I went to take photos, just to play with our cameras, and had a really cool time. I loved capturing the motion on the ferris wheel in the first layout. I hope a carnival comes back soon because I want to play some more.
My second layout was photos I took of the teapot ride. It was waiting for people to get on it and I thought it looked pretty. And when I saw Andrea's teapot element I remember these photos. Next time I'll have to see if I can get Sharla on the ride (hehehehe).
So head over to the Stuff to Scrap store and pick up these pieces as soon as possible. If you buy all three together you get 50% off, how cool is that!!!!

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