Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday July 13th

It seems like ages since I posted here, but it really has only been a little over a week. For those following my job progress, still no job, had three interviews with one company, but since the decision was supposed to be made last week, and I've not heard anything. I'm guessing I'm out of the running. And it is a real bummer, I really wanted that job.

On to scrapbook layouts. I'm not been doing as many, I've become addicted to Farm Town on Facebook and have been busy doing other things. Don't get me wrong I still have quite a few to post, but I've not been doing 2-3 a day like last month. But since I haven't posted in a week I have a nice reserve to post here.

The first one is Callie at her old house. She was outside and Sharla started snapping photos. I love her expressions in these photos, she looks simply beautiful and luckily she is beautiful on the inside too.

The next one is from Cole's birthday in 2004 and it is of him covered in silly string. This was the first year he was really expecting us to silly string him, and he was so disappointed because he had a band concert at school and Sharla told him we were going to have to skip it because we couldn't do it before the concert because he was all dressed up and it would be too late afterwards. He was still young enough to believe her. We got him as he came out of the concert and as you can see, we had no mercy.

The next one is another Callie. When we were building our house we visited it every day to see the progress and she often came with us. I think she was very excited that we were moving closer to her. She decided she wanted our house to carry her favorite Bible verse, Psalms 62:2 on it, so she wrote it on the step in the garage. Of course she was writing it upside down, and so she left a letter out, but she fixed it. This is a couple of days later, her posing by her handy-work.

Next is Cole and Jake. He was playing with Jake and who can resist a picture of a boy with his dog. Especially if it is a cute boy with his dog.

Next is one I did of Tucker wearing his 4th of July shirt. He is not overly fond of shirts, but he is a good sport and will wear them. He was posing nicely because Sharla was feeding him cheese, and he'll sit nicely for cheese.

That's it for today, I'll try to post more regularly this week. I have several more layouts to post, plus I've signed up for a CT challenge and have to produce some for it. Later.....

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