Monday, May 25, 2009

Holiday Weekend

After a slow week, I got quite a few layouts done this weekend. I had the time, and I really didn't want o get out an do much after last week. So I'll be posting several a day until I get caught up again.

This one is of Tom and Callie, they were playing around after Cole's play while we waited for Cole to come out. They are quite a pair, I'm not sure who made the worse face.

This is my Colegate with something weird on his head. I have several pictures of him with odd things on his head. It is not a hat it is actually two dog collars, the type they wear after surgery so they can't lick. And Cole even willing posed.
Mom and Dad's wedding picture. I love this picture. The ceramony took place in the backyard, and they look so cute. Mom lost her copies of her wedding pictures in a fire, but we have these because they were in some my grandmother had and they were given back to my mom and dad after she died.

That is it for today....more tomorrow.

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