Friday, May 15, 2009

Caught Up.....Yeah

Ok with what I'm posting here, I will be caught up on all the pages I have completed up to now. Hopefully from now on I will be posting the ones I do each day.

This layout was done as part of my scrapbooking bootcamp that I'm doing. It's main purpose was to teach me clustering and positioning on the page. I still need to practice more, but I can see improvement over my first layouts.

I love this picture. It is Cole and Ira on Mother's Day 2007. She was in town with Dolly and so she got to spend a little time with us. She was picking on Cole and he was picking right back.

I guess I could have called today my Tucker day since most of the layouts are of him. This was one of my first layouts, but it has been on the bottom of the pile because it was named Tucker.

YEAH with this layout I wil have posted all of the pages I have completed so far. I did this one last night. The picture is Tucker's first experience with snow.

My goal today is to work on my blog background and header. I just don't care for the one I have now, but haven't been able to make one I like better. I'm not sure I will get it finished today, because Mom has a doctor's appointment, so a big chunk of the day will be getting her there and back. And for those who want to know, she is doing so much better, she now only sees the doctor every other month rather than once or twice a month. So that is a great improvement.

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