Monday, February 1, 2016

Bee Myself and I - January

Besides the two bees I joined this year I decided to join Carla @ Granny Maud's Girl and do some sewing for myself. The plan isn't to go overboard sewing for myself, but to try and get some blocks for me, not just ones that I send to other people. If you read my post from yesterday you know that in February I plan on doing quite a bit of selfish sewing, but I had fairly simple goals for January.

First I wanted to complete 10 cross blocks and I got them done. I have to say I will be sorry when I finish this project because I love doing these little blocks. They are easy blocks. If I could get ahead in cutting they make great time fillers when I just want to sew for a little bit. I'm getting close to the end of this project and can't wait to have the quilt on my bed. But here are some of the blocks I did this month. I love the mouse riding the bicycle in the green blocks it just makes me smile

Next I wanted to do 2 tic tac toe blocks. I love how these look, but for some reason I don't like cutting them. So I've already started cutting the last nine blocks I need, so there is a chance I could finish this one in February. It is the smallest of the three and should end up about 60 x 72, so my plan is for it to be my chair quilt while I watch tv. This month I did a red and green block (I called it green because the background is a dark green).

And lastly I wanted to make 2 more flying geese blocks (well 4 half blocks). I picked red and black for this month, not sure why, but I love them.  Flying geese are slowly becoming another favorite block for me. I love how I can make 4 at a time with little or no waste and they look good. I will also say that I love having a bloc-loc ruler to trim them, it makes everything so much faster and neater.

All in all I ok for January on my selfish goals. I hope to have a lot more done in February, but I plan on doing 30 minutes every day, so I should make great progress.  And if you want to see what Carla is doing (and she is doing some great blocks), check out her Bee, myself and I section of her blog.


  1. You are working on some beautiful projects in February. I love all those low volume backgrounds.

  2. Yay! You have some blocks done! Like you, I do not plan to go overboard, but I thought a steady chipping away at a few blocks each month would show progress. :)


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