Thursday, February 11, 2016

4 X 7 Sewing Challenge - Week One

If you didn't read my early post, I'm participating in the 4 X 7 Sewing Challenge being lead by Sarah at Berry Barns Designs. Today I'm reporting on my progress for the first week. Week one started off with a bang, I was getting lots and lots done.  I think because my knee is hurting, and sitting is about the only thing that doesn't bother it, sitting and sewing just happened more. I am so happy with what I got completed.

On Monday (the first), I started by cutting the nine blocks I needed to finish by tic tac toe quilt. I went through and picked colors to give some balance to the quilt so there were not to many of any one color. And then I made one of the blocks.

On Tuesday I did 5 more of the blocks. These blocks really do go together fairly easily, I probably could have finished all of them, but I was trying not to push myself. I also cut some more blocks for my cross quilt, ok I cut some of the crosses, still have to cut the backgrounds for them.

Wednesday was a super busy day at work, and by the time everything was done I was very tired. I did go sew the corners on the last three blocks, to get my 30 minutes, but I wasn't up for much more.

I started sewing those last three blocks together on Thursday night, I had all the rows assembled when Sharla asked if I had used her credit card that day. By the time we figured out it was fraud, reported it to the credit card company, I never made it back to the sewing room and I never got a picture of the rows.

Friday was another busy day and Sharla's birthday. I knew I wouldn't get a lot done, but I did get some skies for my flying geese cut. I did it at my desk while I worked and totally forgot to post a picture of it until Saturday. It is funny in about 30 minutes I got about 15 sets of skies cut. It goes a little slower now, because I'm picking and choosing my fabrics more carefully to avoid duplicating what I already have.

Saturday I had to do some errands, which meant I would be walking on my bum knee. This also meant I wouldn't want to do much once I got home. But I did get into the sewing room and finish my last 3 tic tac toe blocks.  And I started putting them on my design wall to see how they looked.

Sunday was Super Bowl day, and I really wished I had thought ahead to have some fabric to cut, because I was pretty bored with it this year. But before it started I did begin to put the rows together. Since some of these blocks were bee blocks I had to deal with things not fitting exactly and some ironing issues, but I was able to get the top three rows sewn. I didn't take any pictures of the sewn rows, but here they are on the design wall from Saturday.

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I completed the top on Monday, but that is for next week's update. Overall I'm very happy with my progress for the week. Now I'm moving on to my cross blocks and my flying geese. I might even get another one done this month, of if not at least I will make lots of progress.  Today I'm linking up with Sarah at Berry Barns Designs.


  1. I like the colors for your Xs against the background colors!

  2. Beautiful quilt with the colors and the white and blacks.

  3. Kudos for all the sewing. You were productive.

  4. Super productive! Your tic tac toe blocks look great. I'm in the middle of putting two of them together for a bee. I like that they go together pretty quickly. ;-)

  5. Shauna, you always impress me with how consistent you are - you get so much done! Sorry for the fraud hiccup : \ It always happens to us when we move, so we get a day out on the road and then the one card we wanted to put all our travel on it the one we end up having to cancel. Grr. Anyway, great job on the finish after the fact!


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