Tuesday, February 16, 2016

4 X 7 Sewing Challenge - Week Two

Week two started off with a bang, but unfortunately it petered out pretty quickly. To start off my knee has been really bothering me, to the point I am going to see the doctor today. Then on Wednesday Sharla ended up in the doctor's office for bronchitis (which really causes problems for her since she has congested heart failure). Between the two of us feeling bad, it has meant that very little if anything around the house has been getting done.  But enough of my excuses, it is time to see what I got done.

On Monday I finished piecing the top of my tic tac toe quilt. I really love how it looks, and can see myself doing another one in the future. The blocks are easy to make and go together quickly. I did learn piecing bee blocks can be a bit of a challenge. Blocks were ironed in all different ways and they weren't all the same size, but luckily none were too far off and I was able to make them all work. I had planned on pressing it and taking it out and getting better photos, but that will have to wait until my knee is a little better. I also got some flying geese done on Monday (I think it was my best day).

On Tuesday I picked out a stack of fabrics to cut geese and crosses. It took some time because I'm trying not to cut any more duplicates, so I have to check what greens I've used, against what I have in my stash.  But I'm very happy to say that I think I've cut 99% of both the geese and crosses needed. I did cut some of these Tuesday night but forgot to take a picture of the cut pieces.

On Wednesday I finished cutting all the geese and crossed. The pile isn't large, but I have to cut one color at at time because I'm using lots of fat quarters that have had other things cut out of them and are odd shaped. I even matched the geese to the skies I cut earlier. And found I am going to have to cut some more cross backgrounds.

On Thursday I did not do much at all. Sharla coughed pretty much all night Tuesday and Wednesday and since her room is next to mine I was up most of those nights. I struggled all day to just stay awake and alert and I finally gave up about 8:30 and went to bed. I figured even if I didn't go to sleep right away, resting was the best thing for my knee and me. I did send out this photo to show I was being somewhat quilty...well I was snuggling under a quilt.

On Friday, Sharla had to go back to the doctors, and he upped her meds, to hopefully keep her out of the hospital and although my knee still hurt, I did get some rest, so I was feeling a little better. When I went into my sewing room I just felt I had to work on one of my bee blocks. It was really bugging me that I hadn't started it. I got it cut out and started piecing it. I called it selfish sewing because it was bothering me it wasn't done.

On Saturday I finished the bee block and then got to sewing on my geese. I am doing the four at a time method and got the first two seams sewn and then cut and ironed. I stopped here because it was a good stopping point and I was getting tired.

On Sunday I did a little more work on the geese, but totally forgot to take a picture of it. I was tired and thinking more about getting done than taking pictures. All in all it wasn't a horrible week, but I really had hoped to get much more done. I am really hoping the doctor can fix my knee quickly and I can get back to a normal schedule. I would love to get the tic tac toe quilt quilted this month.  Today I'm linking up with Sarah @ Berry Barns Designs.


  1. Well, it looks like you were more productive than me! Hope you and Sharla heal quickly!

  2. Yes, piecing bee blocks can be a bit of a challenge. I am glad that they worked out in the end.
    I hope the doctor can also work out your health problems - yours and Sharla's.

  3. You were productive considering the week you've had. Hope you're both feeling better.

  4. You are amazingly productive in spite of the hold-backs. Lovely pictures.

  5. For someone who said you didn't get much done around the house, you certainly got a lot done! That Tic Tac Toe quilt is very pretty and the other blocks are too! I hope you and your sister are both feeling better now.

  6. I adore the Tic Tac Toe quilt! Sending healthy wishes your way for you both.

  7. I love your quilt top - looks really good and the fabric for your bee block is cool! Hope you both feel better!

  8. I hope Sharla is feeling a lot better, and you as well, Shauna. And as for the bee blocks, yeah, I learned my lesson last year. On the plus side, you picked a block that could easily be trimmed if not all the same size. I wasn't so wise - mine have HSTs along the edges so the blocks next to them aren't going to line up as is or with trimming : \ Live and learn!


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