Monday, February 9, 2009

What's New in Shauna's World

Well the first new thing would be this blog, but then that is pretty easy to see since this is my first posting. So how about something a little more interesting.

Two weeks ago we added a new member to the family. Yes, it true we brought home a 3 year old Well mom did. Mom decided she wanted a lap dog and anyone that knows Cooper and Tucker are not the traditional lap dogs. Mom looked at a couple of different rescue sites looking for another yorkie (because they rock!!), but wasn't having much luck. We found a Shih Tzu on pet finders at the Denton Animal Control. So mom and Ruthie (mom's caregiver), went up to see "him". Mom thought he was great, so they started the process to bring him home. At the Denton Animal Control that means she paid the fee and then they take the dog to a local vet, where "he" is fixed (if not already), chipped (microchip in case "he" gets lost) and given all of "his" shots.

That evening we were discussing names, Parker, Walker and Elvis were some of the favorites, but "Rex Stedson" won. If that name sounds familiar it is from an old Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie called "Pillow Talk". We were all in agreement, which in itself is something. We were told we would be able to pick "him" up on Thursday if he had already been fixed, and on Friday if they had to do the "snip-snip" procedure.

On Thursday morning Mom got a call that we could come and get "her", because "she" had previously been fixed. Yeah you read that right, he was a she. So that through the name situation back into a whirl. Now we were talking Pixie, Dixie, Roxy, and Daisy, but the winner was Zoey, well actually Zoey Girl. Mom picked her up at the vet about 4:00 and we had a groomer's appointment for her at 6:00.

The poor baby was very skinny, you could feel her ribs and her hair was matted something fierce. The groomer had to shave her because the mattes were so bad. They were able to leave a little hair on her face, so she has the cutest face.

After two weeks, she is fitting in nicely. Tucker and Cooper are adapting, although they get a little feisty with her when she is playing with one of us, mainly because she growls when she plays and they don't care for that much. She does like sleeping on a pillow, so now she is Princess Zoey Girl. She is eating well and starting to fill out a little. It is going to take some time for her hair to grow back, but I'm sure it will.

That is all for today...hopefully more soon.

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