Friday, February 13, 2009


It's Friday, it's Friday, yeah it's Friday. I love Fridays because it is our frappuccino day!!! We always stop on the way into work and today's was especially good. Of course we also had some fun with the cashiers there. At the drive-thru we were greeted with "Good morning, sunshine what can I get for you today?" We laughed and gave our order. When we got to the window it was one of our regular girls who knows us, and we laughing said her voice had changed a lot. The earlier voice was very deep and very male. She laughed and said he was greeting everyone as Sunshine today, we laughed and told her we were going to call him Sweet Cheeks. So she made sure he was the one to pass the drinks out to us. When he did, Sharla said "Good morning Sweet Cheeks", which got a laugh from him and his co-workers. I'm betting he was call Sweet Cheeks for a while today.

It is nice to get that giggle first thing in the morning, it sets the tone for the day.

When we got home tonight we had a mini fashion show with Zoey. Mom had wanted some "girl" clothes for her and I found some on-line and ordered them. I had gotten a couple of t-shirts for Cooper, but Tucker seemed to want to want to be in on the game, so they all had new clothes. I took a picture of Sharla holding all three and I think it turned out pretty good, they are all actually looking at me.

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