Monday, April 3, 2017

Quarterly Review of Goals

In late December I set some goals/plans for 2017 and since the first quarter is over, I thought it was time to review to see how I was doing.

Goal 1 was to use the Quilter's Planner more, and I've failed at this, plain and simple. I think because my life is pretty boring, so I don't have lots to schedule. Which is ok, I still love the planner for all the wonderful blocks and patterns in it.

Goal 2 was to start a Gratitude Journal, and I've been very successful with this one. I've written in the journal every day this year. Some days it was tough, because I just wanted to go to bed and go to sleep, but I found that even if it is a short entry it is worth it.

Goal 3 was to keep a to do list and I've been doing well with this one as too. I don't do it daily, but I do it weekly and that really keeps me focused on what I need to get done. Somethings my stay on the list way too long, but I keep transferring them until they are done.  Which is a great way for me to keep myself accountable.

Goal 4 was to move my sewing area. This has been done, and is working well. Sharla and I are both liking the setup. It allows us to sew together, or even if only one is sewing the other can still be in the same room talking with the other. I think I sew more in the evenings with this setup, but I could still get some more time in at my machine.

Goal 5 was a preset project list. This is going very very well. Sharla and I have both completed 3 tops this year off of our list. I did make an adjustment to my list by swapping my April project, and I think Sharla is going to make a change to her May project, but over all we are very happy. Here are the 6 tops done to date.

Goal 6 was to unsubscribe emails, which I have done. It is an ongoing process but I've reduced the amount of emails I get by at least 50% if not more which I count as a success. It is nice not to have so much junk mail.

Goal 7 was to review/edit my blog reading list and I've done this one as well. But it could be pared down some more. I have tried to start watching which blogs I blow through without ever reading for whatever reason and then about every other month, delete them from my reading list. I also try to look at past posts before following a new blog. I may like the one post I found through whatever reason, but when I look at other posts, if they don't appeal to me I don't follow the blog. Before the first of the year, if I missed reading a day or two of posts, my reading list became totally unmanageable, so I would just mark everything as read.  That hasn't happened since I parred down my list, which is great.

Goal 8 was fabric/project organization which I really needs work. I recently went to look for a couple of old projects and spent a lot of time and couldn't find them. I knew I had them, I found 2 parts of them but not the other two parts. I was going insane, I found them right where they should have been, but they weren't in one of the totes I use they were in a card board box that I thought was holding thread. So this one is definitely going to get more work in this coming up quarter.

All in all I don't think I'm doing that badly, I'm making progress which is what matters, and I'm enjoying the process which is equally as important. I've completed two quilts as well this quarter, and one of those was a king sized one. Here are the two finished quilts.

So yes I still have work to do, but I'm making progress which is all that matters to me. I hope you are making progress on your goals as well.


  1. Congrats on all the progress this year with your goals. You set some good ones for this year.

  2. Goal 3 is in my nature as I am a Virgo (if you believe in that stuff).
    I have also done some work on your goals 6 and 7, but I still fall behind on reading the blogs I like and want to keep following!
    I love your plus quilt, and I am so proud to have helped in a very small way by sending a few blocks.


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