Sunday, April 2, 2017

One Monthly Goal - April Goal

It is time to set our goals for April. We have been doing well so far this year just setting one goal each. So we are going to do that again this month. But I am straying from the preset list we made at the end of last year.

For my April goal I'm working on Callie and Beau's wedding quilt. It was on the schedule for August, but since their two year anniversary is coming up this month, I'm going to try and get it finished for them. I have sewn most of the blocks into groups of four already, and have started pinning rows together. But I have to remake some blocks that were lost in the process, not too many, less than 10. I can say it has been fun reading what everyone wrote on the blocks. I want the finish product to be a surprise for them, so here is a photo of the blocks at the wedding.

Sharla is working on what we loving call the Big Blue Flowers quilt. The fabric line is Lula Magnolia by The Quilted Fish from Riley Blake. She bought the fabric on a whim several years ago, and when we were trying to organize the fabric, Hollywood would not leave the backing fabric alone. That boy just kept trying to get next to it.  It is the only fabric he has ever reacted to that way. So I teased Sharla for the last two years that Hollywood wants his big blue flower quilt. The pattern she is going to use is called Big and Tall by Sunnyside Designs. Which is a fairly easy design. Here is a mock up of the quilt, please ignore the silly white lines, but I had to copy the fabric from the internet and they had a tape measure at the bottom. Yes I could have edited them, but it was more work than I wanted.

So those are our goals for April, which are totally doable!! I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts for One Monthly Goal. If you want to see what others are doing check out her linky party.


  1. Those sound like great goals :) Good luck getting them completed!!

  2. Great goals!! I love that big and tall pattern - i have used it for patriotics - but I like your choices better!! Good luck this month!

  3. Bright colors -- this is going to be so pretty!

  4. I am about to start a signature quilt for my mom for a significant birthday. DOn't have a pattern yet and can't wait to see yours! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  5. Good luck with your goals for April. Looks like both of you have gotten off to a good start.

  6. Pretty colours! Love the photo of your work surface.



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