Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Finish: Cheaper By The Dozen flimsy

Ok it has been a rough week for me and I don't have a finished quilt for the first time this year. I started on my kissing booth turning twenty and it had a big boo boo on the back, so I'm in the process of picking out the quilting so I can start again.  At the rate I'm going it is going to take me at least another week or two to get it ready to go back onto the frame.

But in the mean time, since Sharla doesn't blog I'm going to show ya'll her finish for the week.  And since I cut it out, I'm claiming at least part of it as my finish (hehehe).  The pattern is Cheaper by the Dozen and it is one of the kits we purchased at the Dallas Show. The fabric line is called Summer Breeze by Sentimental Studios and produced by Moda.  We normally don't do a lot of yellows, but this is two weeks in a row with yellow quilts...must be we want spring to be here.

The pattern is pretty simple, and it makes a nice sized quilt using 12 fat quarters plus a little more for the borders.  I know that Sharla is really happy with how it looks.  I think it will be the next one I quilt.  So hopefully you will see it finished next week.

And for those of ya'll that know where I live, yes we had rain yesterday and some hail, but no real damage at all.  The funniest thing was we lost power and Sharla was in her recliner which is an electric recliner.  It was fun watching her wiggle out of it.  But overall we missed the really bad stuff and the only one really scared was Hollywood.  I think it was his first big thunderstorm.


  1. What great fabrics! I, too, am not a huge fan of yellow, but it does go so well with the blue in this quilt. So glad you are safe after the storms!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you have to do all that unpicking! I hope you can get it done soon! :)

    Love the blue and yellow! Such a fun quilt!

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