Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday, October 23rd

I got an email yesterday with the title line "Guess who is due in 3 months?". Since the person sending it isn't in the baby making age group, I thought maybe she was getting another grand child. But it was a very cute but risque photo of Santa, yep Christmas is coming and it is coming very soon. And on that note Bethany of Scrappin' Daisies Design has just released a new kit called Holly-Day and Holly-Day Add-on which are both on sale for 35% off through Saturday. I've done a couple of layouts with it and love the colors, they just scream Christmas.

The first layout is Hailey, she is the daughter of a friend. They had taken Mom to Christmas Eve Services at the Church, and come over for dinner afterwards. We had a couple of presents for Hailey, but she was as interested in the tiny packages we had in a decorative sleigh more than anything. Before the night was over I think she had unwrapped just about all of them. Here she was caught red handed, but it didn't phase her a bit.

The next layout is Hailey as well, she sat on the floor and held her arms out for Cooper and/or Tucker. They were not really sure what was going on, but Cooper went over to check her out. Tucker got in some good kisses while she was on the floor.

Tomorrow I will post some layouts done with Modern June's new kit called Day Dreamer...later.

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