Friday, December 11, 2015

100 Days Of Happy - Part 8

Eighty days down and still trucking. I have found it funny, but I seem to have 3-5 things on one day that I would pick and then the next day not nearly as many. But luckily I can always find something to be make me happy.

12/01/15 - Day 71 - A New Fence- This has made all of us happy. My poor dogs really did not like being confined to the house. And they didn't like me watching them potty. So I did a happy dance once the fence was complete and I think they did too. Well I had to push Zoey out the door because it was cold outside and she didn't want to go, but once she realized the door worked again she was content.

12/02/15 - Day 72 - Christmas Music - I love Christmas music and a local radio station has gone to all Christmas music, so whenever I want I can switch over and sing along. And yes I love the silly songs too!!!

12/03/15 - Day 73 - Thursdays are one of my hardest days, work always seems busier, there is just more that has to be done, and I am just more tired. But a friend posted a spoof of House Hunters called Tree Hunters and it was so funny. I just laughed at it. If you have watched the show you know how fitting this really is.

HGTV Makes Fun of Itself in This Hilarious Holiday Spoof
HGTV proves it has a sense of humor about itself in this House Hunters spoof video:
Posted by PopSugar Home on Monday, November 30, 2015

12/04/15 - Day 74 - Christmas Movies. Yes I am that sappy person that loves all Christmas movies. I'm guessing right now I have 5 or 6 recorded on my DVR. And Friday nights is one of those times Sharla and I will just kick back and watch a movie and what better than a Christmas one. I think my all time favorite is How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but I love them all.

12/05/15 - Day 75 - Working on Bee Blocks.  Ok that should be bee block, but I got my block done early this month. I even cut the extra fabric to go along with it.  I just need to make my label and it will be in the mail.

12/06/15 - Day 76 - Almost Free Dinner. Neither Sharla and I wanted to cook on Sunday, so we decided I would go pick something up while she fed the dogs and then just watch a Christmas movie. We decided on Chili's and she remembered a gift card her boss had won and then gave to her. It was almost enough to cover the cost. Woohoo I love free and almost free.

12/07/15 - Day 77 - Christmas Shopping. Ok to be honest here, I hate Christmas shopping, but I love getting things for other people. I was happy to get somethings off my list. I went first thing after taking Sharla to work and the stores weren't overly crowded.  I still have a few more things to get, but I'm moving forward.

12/08/15 - Day 78 - Secret Sewing. I have a couple of Christmas gifts to sew/quilt and I made major progress on one of them today. Can't show you because it is a surprise, but it felt good to get sit and just sew and sew.

12/09/15 - Day 79 - Just Being Silly. Last night Sharla and I sat down to pre-register her for the surgery she is having next week (they are removing cataracts from her left eye). After a very long time of answering a zillion and one questions we were done. Then it gave the pre-op instructions, and it gave us the giggles.  The first one was to wear all cotton underwear because "you would be allowed to keep those on", she got a little cranky at the thought of having to strip down for eye surgery. Then we found the pre-op list for eye surgery which was a little less demanding and it looks like she will not have to strip down. But the best one was she would need a "Responsible Adult" to drive her home and take care of her for 24 hours. I told her she was in trouble because she didn't know any of those. She said she was going to call our sister-in-law because that was as close as we had. We just giggled and that was fun.

12/10/15 - Day 80 - Marley. We have had to keep things pretty low key with Marley because he is still being treated for heart worms. So we talk to him all the time, occasionally pick him up but we keep it very simple so as not to stress him. This morning I was sitting in my chair and Hollywood and Zoey came up to me wanting love and then Marley joined them. He let me rub his ears for a long time and even came back twice for more loving. I could have just rubbed his ears all day, but I had to get Sharla to work and myself. But hey I will take any signs that he is warming up to me.


  1. That Tree Hunting video is hilarious, Shauna! Thank you so much for sharing and Merry Christmas. :)

  2. It looks as though you have had a very busy December so far. Wishing you a very Merry rest of December!

  3. Lots of happy things! The Grinch is my favourite as well.

  4. Loved the tree hunters! And you just reminded me that I have a Chili's gift card in my wallet!!! I have been really trying to cook at home and also cut down on food waste, so tonight I concocted a meal out two previous meals' leftovers. Now I can look forward to a free and guilt-free meal out! :)


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