Thursday, December 31, 2015

100 Days of Happy - Part 10 aka The End

Ok I'm actually posting this late so I could do 101 days of happy and end the year on a happy note. Over all it has been a fun experience chronicling the things that have made me happy over the last 101 days. I try and focus on the good, it is not always easy to do that, but I've found it makes me a happier person in general when I do. Am I happy 100% of the the time, no I am most definitely not, but I don't let the bad things, the daily grind get me down. I refuse to succumb to the negative nature of this world. So lets get to the last eleven days of happy.

Day 91 - 12/21/15 - Secret Quilting. I quilted two more small projects today, which means I'm done quilting everything I need to have done by Christmas.  Yeah!!!  I still have to get them bound, washed and wrapped, but I'm on the downhill slope now.

Day 92 - 12/22/15 - Binding Jessica and Trey's Table Runner. I know that is the date is before Christmas, but I realized I won't be posting this until after Christmas, so I can show you what I did today. I got this one bound and the binding made for the other two.  Woohoo I'm on the downhill slope now. The picture isn't great, but I was having too much fun and not watching my photos close enough.

Day 93 - 12/23/15 - Binding Mecca and Tom's Table Runner. It is done and in the washing machine. I have to say I am beginning to understand why people list small quilts. It is fun to get them done quickly. Again a bad picture, but at least I got one.

Day 94 - 12/24/15 - Binding Callie and Beau's Table Runner. Done, washed and wrapped. I am very happy to have these all done. I wish I was done a little sooner than Christmas Eve, but hey what is Christmas without some last minute rush project.

Day 95 - 12/25/15 - Laughter with Family. We had such a good day!! Great food, wonderful presents and lots and lots of laughter. Sharla and I make stockings for everyone each year (ok bags, we gave up on stocking and use bags so they don't have to worry about getting them back to us). We fill it with candy, toys, etc. This year I put kazoos in each and they were a wild success. We played Heads Up DJ deck and they had to play the songs on the kazoos. It was wild, it was crazy and it was just too much fun.

Day 96 - 12/26/15 - Organizing. I bought some bins to put fabric into in an organized manner. So Sharla and I spent a lot of time today, pulling fabrics and putting them into the bins. As we did we took an inventory of what we had in each bin. We matched bundles with backing fabrics, and made notes on where things needed to be ordered. It was a lot of work, and we're not done, but I think we have over half of all of our bundles organized and documented.

Day 97 - 12/27/15 - Sleeping Late. It is very rare that I get to sleep late. Monday to Friday I have to get up to take Sharla to work and I work on Saturday and Sunday. But with both of us off I got to sleep late, it was after 10 when I got up this morning and it felt great.

Day 98 - 12/28/15 - Tiny Tiny Geese. I got the The Quilter's Planner and I knew right away I wanted to make a cover for it. I decided to something pretty simple, except to have some little tiny flying geese on the front. Each one is only 3/4" x 1 1/2", but it was so fun creating them.

Day 99 - 12/29/15 - New Ipad cover. I actually got this for Christmas, but since Sharla's was delayed in shipping, I didn't want to start using mine when she couldn't use hers. To be honest I'm not sure how well it will hold up, but I love the fabric feel it has. It feels like a linen fabric and for the fabric-a-holic in me, that is a real good thing. The fabric in front of it is some of Sharla's that I had close and I wanted to add some color to the photo.

Day 100 - 12/30/15 - Happy Hollywood - Doggie daycare has been closed since the Monday before Christmas and poor Hollywood has had cabin fever really really bad. I called on a whim to see if they were by chance opening back up early and they said they weren't, but they would let Hollywood come for the day. He was dancing in the backseat with excitement. He loves playing with the other dogs, and comes home totally exhausted. The photo below is from one of the sad days that he didn't get to go to daycare. He was wiggling so much with excitement I couldn't get a photo today.

Day 101 - 12/31/15 - Fabric Shopping - My goal for next year is to sew from my stash, but my local quilt shop was having a sale and I couldn't resist.  I only bought fabrics for quilt backs, borders and sashing, so no new projects. I didn't even sneak in extra fat quarters. I did throw in a couple of patterns. I bought three quilt backs, including one of the Tula Pink 108" backing and some Tula Pink Eden elephants. Both are wonderful, but that 108" fabric, just feels so soft I can't wait to use it.

Ok that wraps up #100DaysOfHappy for me, and I even went the extra day to end the year. Over all it has been a fun experience, because it really helped me to focus on all the the wonderful blessing in my life, both big one and little ones. Now I need to get off the computer and get to work on the zillion and one things I need to get done before the end of the year....just joking, I'm going to chill out in front of the TV and go to bed early. Yes I know I'm old, and I don't care. Going to bed early on New Year's Eve could have been my 101 thing for today.  I hope each of you have a safe and wonderful New Year.


  1. It's been great reading all your happy posts. You have ended 2015 on a great note! Love those tiny geese. I picked up some fabric today to make a cover for my planner.

  2. I'm so glad this was a great exercise for you. I hope that you have a lot of joy and happiness ahead in 2016!

  3. Kazoos at Christmas sounds like fun. Our Christmas silliness was a water-ballon fight that expanded from my stepdaughter's garden over the fence when her neighbours joined in. It was so hot on Christmas Day, so the water games were perfect.


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