Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Stash #145

Hello world, I hope you are having a wonderful day. I've been a busy little beaver this month, doing all kinds of things. Not accomplishing too much, but having a good time. Today I'm going to show you some of the things I purchased recently.  Last year I did the piggy bank challenge, and when I counted up my money in July, I knew one of things I was going to purchase was Eden by Tula Pink.

I admit I'm a true fan girl of Tula Pink, if I had to choose one designer and that was the only designer I could ever purchase fabric from it would be Tula. I love everything she does, some I love more than others, but I love it all. In fact I actually purchased 2 bundles of Moonshine, so I could have one to make into something on it's own and have the other to add to my FQ stash to mix in with other projects.

When I first saw photos of Eden, it couldn't have been more me, purple, pink and green are my jam!!! Then I found out it had elephants and I was sold. I have been waiting with baited breath for it to be available in stores. Then I had to take all my coins and deposit them in the bank (I didn't do it until time to buy so I didn't buy something else instead). And I am so glad I waited.

Now that is a pretty pile of fabric, plain and simple.  I know everyone is love the crouching tiger fabrics and I don't blame them at all.  There is purple, burgundy and teal tigers, but if you know me at all you know that my favorite is the......

Purple, but I love the other colors as well. And as much as I love the tigers, they aren't my favorite fabrics of the collection. I've always had a thing for elephants, and this bundle has 3 elephant fabrics. The pink and blue are wonderful, but the orange/pink is my favorite.

There are other prints in the set that I really like as well...ok I like them all, but I will say a few are my favorites.  I have no idea of what I'm going to use these to create, so for now they are in my petting pile.  I just look at them and pet them and that makes me happy.

I've purchased more, and so has Sharla, but I'm going to spread out showing them too ya'll for a little bit.  We've both said we have to stop purchasing fabric, but as soon as we say thank we find something else we want.  But hopefully we will hold off until we get some of the projects we already have completed.

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  1. Eden is such a great collection! I think the Deity print is a real stand-out too - the detail is breathtaking!

  2. The elephants are amazing, Shauna, I can see why you love them so much!

  3. Eden is so beautiful - my favourite prints are the elephants too!

  4. Eden is beautiful. I love elephant print too, it has a wonderful design to it and yet with only two colors is also a really versatile blender.

  5. You sound very happy with your purchases, Shauna.


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