Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thankful Thursday #5

Well it is #5 for Quilting Jetgirl, but my first one. I try very hard to always be thankful for the blessings in my life, great family, good job, ok health, and lots of laughter.  But I decided that I needed to play along with Thankful Thursday to look at some of the little things that sometimes get overlooked in list of blessings. So I decided that I would pick one thing a week, and tell ya'll why I consider it a blessing.  Some maybe funny (surprised???), some maybe simple, but they each will be something for which I am thankful.

Today I'm thankful for feeling good enough to actually put up a Christmas present.  I was very blessed this Christmas, my brother made a wonderful table for the hallway.  I needed something that I could put a bag on so it was out of Hollywood's reach, but was small enough not to take up a lot of space.  And then Callie and Beau got me a "thingie".  I'm not sure really what to call it,  I asked for a frame with twine to hold snapshots and such, that could be easily changed.  I found something on Pinterest that I sent them to reference. I asked for two, one for the hallway and one for the sewing room.

They found a couple of cool pieces, but they were teal and I wanted black.  So they painted them black for me.  The really cool part is they are metal, and the cloths pins they got me have magnets on them.  I tried to hang it but the hooks didn't hold, and I've just not been up to messing with it.  But today I put up new hooks and hung it.  I don't have any photos on it yet, and I want to make a small (really small) table topper for the table, but at least it is usable.

So today I am thankful for feeling well enough to get part of my Christmas presents into place.  The table is beautiful and hopefully soon the "thingie" will be filled with photos.  I use instagram and facebook, but still love a printed photo. My next task is to make a very small quilted table topper for the table, but I don't want to cover it too much (because it is so pretty), it just needs a little color. So for now I'm thankful this one is done and thankful that I'm feeling better.  Today I'm linking up with Quilting Jetgirl for Thankful Thursday #5.


  1. I am also super thankful for feeling good and getting things done! When you feel bad, it usually helps you reflect and be more grateful for the times you feel good. Glad to hear you're doing better! :)

  2. Nice table! I know all about the perils of curious noses and handbags at dog height.


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