Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Lovely Year Of Finishes: January 2015 Goals

Ok it is time to set my goals for January.  Now I would like to list about 20 projects and try to get them all done, but that ain't going to happen.  I'm recovering from the flu, so I'm starting out the year pretty slowly.  So I'm going to set fewer goals in the hope of actually getting them all done. I know I am only supposed to pick one goal and the most important is always listed first for me, but I just do better using a list.

1.  Tessellated Leaves test quilt.  I have all of the HST sewn, and my goal is to have everything completed by 20th.  I have to have it done by the 29th, but don't want to wait until the very last minute.
2. Bee Blocks.  Since I'm the Queen for the Compass Quilters, I only have my Stash Bee block to do this month.  It is a very simple block and I'm hoping to complete it this weekend.  Just so I can get it off of my list. Here is the photo the queen gave us as a reference.

3. Memory Quilts.  Yes they are still hanging around, but I learned last month that if I go hard at them, I get burn out pretty fast.  So my goal is to have one more top pieced and one top quilted. Here is the one that is already on the frame.

4. Clean Sewing Room.  Ohhh my I can't even tell you how bad it is now.  There is stuff everywhere and the floor is horrible.  Right now my plan is to clean on Tuesday.  Mainly be cause Hollywood is at doggie daycare and cleaning is easier with him gone.

5. Cross Blocks.  The block I picked for my bee mates is a cross block and I want to make a queen sized quilt with them.  But I am going to have to add a lot of my own blocks to it.  So I want to complete some each month until I have enough.  I am aiming for 20 this month.

So that will be a good start to the year, and hopefully totally doable.  I am linking up with Melissa of SewBitterSweet Designs and Shanna of Fibers of All Sorts.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful January to start your 2015, and I *really* hope you feel better soon, Shauna!

  2. What a variety! Love it. Have fun working on things and hope you are completely recovered from the flu by now!

  3. Good luck with your year of finishes. I am only picking one piece for January; of course, since I am also following the Finish A Long over at On The Windy Side I have another project there. Then I have swaps and a blog hop that I am involved my January will definitely be filled!

    I love the cross blocks you are doing.

  4. You and I have similar lists - bee blocks, shirt quilt (like a memory quilt), etc. I loved making your cross blocks and think they will make a beautiful quilt. I'll get to the post office with them soon!

  5. I rarely set goals in January. I should. I like the idea of posting and the accountability factor. I also like that you made your goals productive yet attainable! I feel inspired. Thank you.


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