Thursday, June 5, 2014

June Goals - A Lovey Year of Finishes 2014

June...can you believe it is already summer?  I've got lots of goals for this month, but my main goal is to finish a gift quilt.  I can't tell you much about it because the person may read this post.  But it has to be ready to gift this month.  Sharla pieced it and I have to get it quilted and bound.

Now for the other things on my list, I want to keep up with the Road Trip Across Texas QAL.  I've done a test block for the first city, Dallas and hope to get my fabric this week so I can really get started. When I'm done I will have a quilt with the great state of Texas on it.  Actually we'll have two because Sharla is doing one as well.  But they are going to be different fabrics.  I also want to try and continue quilting one quilt per week, it is a little slower in the summer, because I always seem to have more to do.  And lastly I really want to finish getting the shirts for the memory quilts cut into squares.

I really hate having a post with no photos, so I'm going to show you one of my cutie. Tucker sleeping on his quilt I made him.  The pattern is called Star Crossed, but you can't see it because he is laying on the backside.  He loves laying on quilts.

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  1. You sound super busy this month. I'll look forward to a lot of wonderful finish photos! Yay!


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