Sunday, February 23, 2014

DaGMT Update

Happy Sunday everyone, I'm a little late with my update, but it has been a busy week.  Ok maybe not real busy, but busy.  I am happy to say that I did get in my 20 minutes every day this week.  I can see the benefit of sewing everyday, but boy is it hard to fit it in everyday.

On Saturday of last week I put together the backing for the Diagonal Squares quilt, I sewed it and ironed it. I was pretty tired, so I just left it at that for the day.

Last Sunday I got the back and top of Diagonal Squares loaded onto the frame.  I watched the Handiquilter webinar last weekend and it recommended putting the top/back over the back of the machine as you roll and that really did work so much better. It takes about 30-45 minutes to load the top and back, depending on how big each one is.  So I try to load the night before so I can start quilting in the morning when I'm fresh.

Monday I started the quilting.  This quilt was longer than the ones I've been doing, so it took more time. I was whooped by the time I finished quilting it, but I'm very happy with the results. I am still working on all over meander, and slowly mastering it.

On Tuesday I was busy, so I didn't get as much done as I would have liked.  But I did get the quilt trimmed, and the binding cut.  I probably would have gotten more done, but I kept debating on which fabric to use for the binding.  I ended up using the same fabric as the backing.

By the time I got off work on Wednesday I was tired, but I did manage to get the binding sewn and the label made. I am loving using the corner label because it means no hand sewing which I really dislike!!! I also got a couple rows of my Trails End top pieced together.

Thursday was a mad binding night. I sewed both the front and the back to get the quilt done!!  I sew both sides on the machine.  Again because I don't like to hand sew, but also because I want the binding to hold up to lots of washings, with three dogs in the house, everything gets washed a lot.

Friday nights are probably the hardest for me to get sewing done. I just want to veg out in front of the TV and do nothing.  But I was good and I got the next pieces for the test quilt done. Working with such large pieces is hard for me, because I struggle to sew a straight line. On small pieces isn't too bad but on these big pieces I really see it.

I was determined to finish the test quilt, so Saturday after work I sat down and sewed and sewed and sewed until it was complete.  I can't show you the top yet, because I don't have permission from the designer, but I'm hoping to reveal it to you soon.

I also did some ironing of fabrics and played with picking out fabrics for my next quilt.  Which is also a test quilt for another designer. She approached me and I'm very excited to get started on it.  I have to get the back pieced for one of our old t-shirt quilts because that is what I want to quilt tomorrow. Hopefully I will get lots done to show you at the end of the week.


  1. Shauna, the quilt is beautiful! It looks like you have mastered the meander to me! It looks great! Congrats on getting it done. Looking forward to seeing the next test design. That's great you got things done for your next quilt too. You made great progress this week. I understand about being tired after work!

  2. Hi Shauna, I'm visiting here from GYOB; I'm finding time to reply to people who left comments for me on my blog. I will follow your progress; it looks like you're doing a great job, your meander stitch is lovely. Making time to practice quilt designs is so important for us beginner longarmers. I can hardly wait to load a quilt but I'm not out of enough boxes yet to permit myself to play!


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