Sunday, February 2, 2014

ALYOF 2014 - February

I have so many plans for February, which normally means nothing will get done.  But I'm hoping that I can keep of my streak of quilting/binding/labeling one quilt a week.  I did that in January and hope to keep up my streak.  I plan on starting with the coral/green alternating 4 patch.  I actually pieced this in 2008, and last night I pressed it, pressed the back and trimmed it, so it is ready to load onto the frame today.

I noticed when pressing it my seams were very wonky, and I'm happy to say that my newer quilts look better, not perfect but better. I counted and I think we have 20+ tops pieced that need to be quilted and that many more projects where we have fabric but have to piece the top.  

I do have a second goal for February, besides getting 4 quilts finished, I would like to complete at least one top, and I've picked my Trail's End.  I completed the blocks before we had the floors re-done, but never got the top pieced.  I plan on putting it up on the design wall today or tomorrow to get the block placement. Here are the blocks just hanging out waiting to be finished...poor babies they feel neglected...hehehe.

I am doing DaGMT this month, which means I do 20 minutes of sewing/quilting related activity every day this month.  So I hope to make lots of progress on several different project, including getting the shirts de-bone for some memory quilts.  

So that is my goals for A Lovely Year of Finishes 2014.  The button below and on my side bar are linked to the site if you would like to play along with us.

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