Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today Sharla and I visited Argyle Acres, which is an iris farm. They have some of the most beautiful irises I've ever seen. They have bed after bed of irises and then lots of tables with cut irises on them as well. You can order irises from them to be planted in the fall for next year. They also have lots that they are still developing that are not for sale yet. Of course the ones I liked the most are not for sale yet, but hopefully they will be some time soon.

My favorite that is no available was called Coffee Whispers

My favorite that is available for sale was called Gnus Flash

There were a ton of beautiful ones, purple, yellows, white, brown, peach, and pink. The beauty of each was unique yet similar. I will try to get more pictures loaded to my flickr site tomorrow.


  1. what pretty flowers

  2. Yay! The comment box is working!! I love your cute dogs and the iris is the state flower of TN!! Hum ... gives me an idea of a good random challenge at Sunshine Studio Scraps!


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