Friday, April 17, 2009


When I signed up for this blog I thought I would be doing it everyday and that I had a lot to say. Well I guess not. Well maybe I have more to say but just haven't felt up to saying it. I was laid off at the end of March and after 27 years with the company it hit hard. I've been doing all the stuff I'm supposed to do, resume, applying for jobs, etc. But it has left me a little disorganized in my thought process. But I have decided enough is enough. I'm not going to let my circumstances dictate who I am and how I feel. So my goal is to blog at least a couple times a week, and hopefully post some digital scrap booking projects.

I can't believe all the sites I've found for kits, freebies, quick pages, etc. I could spend days just downloading all the cool stuff and not ever scrapbook a single page. I have done a few things this week and I'll post a couple at the end of this post. So far I've done more screen backgrounds than anything. We went last Saturday and took the dogs to a local field filled with bluebonnets and took some pictures. I have done a background for mom's computer and mine. I also did a scrap booking challenge for an ATC that I'll post as well.

I am also going to start a Bible study with Sharla on Esther. It is designed to be a 4-5 week study with you doing a short Bible study each day. I'm not sure we will do one every day, but again I'm hoping for 2-3 days a week. We have also gotten the books to do one on Ruth next.

I will keep up looking for a job, because I can't afford not to work, but until something comes along I am going to keep busy.

Ok here are my three scrap booking projects for this week.

The first is a desktop I did for my computer.

Then the one I did for mom's computer.

And lastly an atc I did for a scrap booking challenge. I hope to do more challenges to help me learn more about digital scrap booking.

LAUGH when you can, APOLOGIZE when you should and LEARN to let go what you can't change.

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