Thursday, July 20, 2017

Piggy Bank Challenge 2017-2018

This will the 5th year of the Piggy Bank challenge @ Val's Quilting Studio, but only the 4th year for Sharla and I. We have done well each year and so we will continue and do it again this year. We used real banks the first year which were a monkey and a duck(McGee and DiNozzo...yes we are NCIS fans), and while I still love these banks they were difficult to use.

The last two years with have used a boxes I found at JoAnn's and they worked much better. Well I think Sharla used a cup to collect most of her change, but that is because she couldn't remember to take the box off of her desk.

I realize the boxes are boring, but they work and I can set mine on my desk, so when we do our monthly money/budget stuff I can drop a $20 in it. Since we gather much less change these days, I try to put a $20 in it every month (approx. $5 per week). If there is leftover money at the end of the month I might drop a little more into it. I can also still toss my change into it as well. But I may make a pouch this year to toss my change into, because it beats up the inside of the box a lot.

I would say we are going to buy more fabric with the money we save, but who knows what the year will bring. We serviced our sewing machines this year with part of the money so it would be nice to do that again next year. Maybe will take a class or buy some new cool tool. But it really doesn't matter what we buy, the important part is that I save more than Sharla (just kidding...well sort of...ok not kidding).  If you want to join the challenge simply check out Val's page. It really up to you if you save a little or a lot.


  1. Oh, taking a class is a fun idea for the money! Good luck with the challenge again this year. :)

  2. So true. We don't use much cash at all anymore. Good luck

  3. I'm glad you guys are back with us this 5th year!! My husband has thought of adding $5.00 weekly too.(Probably because I beat him this year! LOL!!!) But like you said, it's all in fun...and well kinda nice to have some fun money. Thanks for reminding me...I need to clean the link out of my machine! :)

    1.'s time to count and share! Stop by this week and let us know how ya did. ;)

  4. It is a great way to save up some funds to have fun with and not feel guilty. Good luck saving lots this year!


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