Monday, August 31, 2015

A Lovely Year of Finishes: August Completes

It is that time for be to list what I got done this month, and I will say it wasn't as much as I wanted. But I do have a very good reason.  Early in the month we had air conditioning issues, and in Texas in August that is a big thing.  It took about a week to get it figured out and fixed, but during that time I did very little of anything, because it was just too hot.  I know people asked why I didn't go to a hotel, but I couldn't leave my fur babies.  We set up fans for them as well as us, and made it through, but it wasn't fun.  Then I got sick, so August basically just wasn't my month. But I did get a few things done. So let's go down the list.

1. Bee Block. I have to say I did not like this month's block.  Curved piecing and I did not get along. I had to make the block three times.  I finally figured out on the last one if I make it just a little bigger, it gave me room to trim it easier.  I'm glad I did it, but I won't be adding this to my favorite blocks anytime soon.

2. Gypsy Queen Mystery Quilt. I did get my review in on time, and the top is pieced. I struggled with completing the top because it was in the midst of no air-conditioning, but it is done. I can't show it to you because the mystery QAL is just starting.  But once it is done I will show it off.

3. Midnight Mystery QAL. I am caught up on this one. We had to make flying geese this month and I love the method she uses. It is fast and easy.  I am all ready for our next set of instructions which come later this week.

4. Turning Twenty BOM blocks. I am caught up with this one as well.  We get two sets of blocks per month and I've completed both.  I will admit I'm not loving the 6" blocks because they are just so small, but I do love the 12" blocks.  I still can't picture in my mind how they are all going to come together, but it is fun making them. Here is the last set I completed which made me up to date.

5. Sharla's Machine Cover.  I didn't get it done. Didn't do anything with it at all. With my lost week because of no air, all quilting went out the door.

6. Memory Quilts. I did make a little progress, but not much.  So I'm not counting this as being done.

7. Cross Blocks. I did get some more done.  I wanted to complete 20 and I got 20 done...woohoo!!!  I still love these blocks. They are quick and easy and I can almost do them in my sleep now.  I did more grey and yellow blocks because those were the colors I had the lowest number of blocks. Here are a few of my favorites that I made this month. Next up is to count them all again and see what I need to cut next.

8. Quilt something else. Nope not done, see #5.

9. Clean the sewing room. I would say I got this done. All the FQs are put away, and the floor has been swept (more than once even), I've cleaned my sewing table and my sewing machine. I do still want to do some re-arranging, but I don't yet know what I really want to do, so I'm not going to move things just for the thrill of moving them.  I need to work on my fabric storage, once I have that all figured out, then I think the rest will fall into place. No photos, it is clean but not really photo worthy yet.

10. Take more photos. Well I took a ton of photos this month, unfortunately they weren't of my sewing projects. A good friend asked me to take some family photos, and we had a grand time doing a little photo shoot.  I did get a white board, and wrote a list of to-dos on it, but not really the photos I needed to take.  I'm going to have to work on this one a little more. But here is a photo of my white board and the last cross block I made this month.

All in all not a stellar month, but not bad either. I am actually getting a long weekend for Labor Day, so I'm hoping to get lots done. But I'm not telling ya'll what until next month (which is actually tomorrow...boy time is flying).  Today I am linking up with Melissa of Sew BitterSweet Designs and Shannon of Fiber of All Sorts.


  1. You also did a really cute blog update, Shauna - it looks wonderful! I am sorry to hear that you had A/C issues; ours hasn't worked all summer either, and thankfully we are having a few cooler days right now to help me out.

  2. What great blocks! I love your flying geese and the plus signs

  3. I think you did well in all that heat! Welcome to the world of whiteboard lists. :)


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