Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Lovely Year of Finishes 2015: June Finishes

Wow June sped by very quickly and even though it flew by, I did get things accomplished. I try to make a list so that hopefully I can get a couple of things done, but also because it helps me keep track of what I need to do.  So let's see how I did on my June list.

1. Bee Block. Since I was the queen of one of my bees, I only had one to do. Yes I got it done and it is already in the mail.  YEAH!! I will say I didn't like this block. No I didn't like the method to make this block. The instructions were for the four at a time half square triangles, and my first block was way to stretchy/wonky for my liking. So I decide to use the standard two at a time method, but made my second block too small. The third block was the charm. I like how the block looks finished, but I wouldn't use the first method if I were doing this for myself.

2. Quilt Grande Scrappy Tiles. Well if you follow me you saw this fun quilt last week all finished and quilted. I will say this was my most fun finish in a long time, because it was my only real quilt finish in a long time. Every time I get a quilt loaded on to my Avante, I just get happy. I love that I can finish quilts that I would never attempt on my regular sewing machine.

3. Pick Out Fabric for Midnight Mystery Quilt. Not only did I pick out fabric, but Sharla decided she wanted to do it as well. We decided that we would pull fabrics from our stash. It was a little challenging, but we both found fabrics we liked and I think they will both look very nice. Mine is the top photo and Sharla's is the bottom photo. We can't for the first set of instructions which will come out next Thursday!!!!

4. Sharla's Sewing Machine Cover. There is still a slim chance this will get done this month, but very slim. If I can get some time tomorrow I will try and finish it just so I have another complete.

5. Sharla's Box Trot. I had planned on trying to quilt this last week, but couldn't find it. It has been put away for safe keeping and has to be found.  I am going to look for it this week so I can put in on next months list of to-dos.

So as a recap, I got 3 out of 5 done and I see that as a win in my books!!!! I wish it had been more, but I am happy. I hope to get more done in July. I'm linking up with Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts and Melissa of Sew BitterSweet Designs.



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  2. 3 out of 5 is definitely a win! Good luck finding the quilt top; I like to put things somewhere "obvious" that then takes me a long time to figure out later... :)

  3. That block turned out really well and I do like the B&W look so worth all the effort!

  4. I don't think anyone who has made the block likes the method. For starters, the grain direction is all wrong so it can be stretchy! It does look great, however.


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