Thursday, March 26, 2015

Quilty Thankful Thursday #15

I am doing other things besides being thankful, but none really note worthy. Ok maybe it has just been a bad month for me, I have really struggled to get things done, but inside of crying about that I am going focus on being thankful.  o here is my list for this week.

1. Family.  I am lucky to have a family that loves me and appreciates me. This week I attended a wedding shower for my niece Callie and I was able to give her the blocks for her signature quilt. She is going to have their guests sign them at the wedding. Before she opened the box I told her I was giving her a gift, but I wanted it back. She said ok, but I could see she was unsure. She was thrilled when she saw what was inside the box. She readily agreed to give them back to me, and I promised to return them to her again. I know they aren't perfect and when I started to say that, she simply said, it was going to be wonderful.

2. Spring rains.  I love watching everything bloom in the spring, even if it does cause my allergies to go wild. We've had a very wet winter and spring so far, which is good, most of the lakes are still needing more, but it is nice that they are up from last year and everything is starting to bloom. I know that we will get some spring storms and I don't look forward to them, but I do so much love what the rains bring. Here is a photo from a year or two ago, I'm anxiously awaiting irises blooming.

3.  Squishy envelopes. I recently responded to a giveaway and was lucky enough to win. Ok I think she ended up giving something to everyone that responded, but I was still happy. And then this week I got a nice squishy envelope in the mail and it contained two charm packs of Simple Marks Summer by Malka Dubrawsky. I think I'm going to use them to make a cover for my sewing machine. I know I did one recently, but it wasn't quilted and more of a prototype. These colors are just happy and I think they will work well in my sewing room.

4. Tools for all occasions. I am lucky to have lots of quilty tools. I have several rotary cutters, so that I can have one in my sewing room, one on my desk, and one in the living room where I often cut for Sharla. It seems like this month I've not gotten much done, but because I have a small cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter on my desk, I can slip in small cutting jobs while on conference calls. I know that probably doesn't sound like much, but my company is virtual, so all meetings are conference calls. I am able to cut for my cross quilt even if I can't find time to sew.

5.  Sales.  I love sales, especially when it is on something I want. Sharla and I are both collecting mini charm packs. Yes, I know they aren't the best value for the dollar, but we both want to do a postage stamp quilt in the future and these will give us lots of variety. And last week Fat Quarter Shop had a sale on mini charm packs, so we got several.

So these are my thankful items for this week. How about you?  I will be linking up with Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl.  If you have one or more things to be thankful about, you can link up too.


  1. The memory quilt for your niece is such a wonderful gift! :) I am super thankful for spring, too - the weather here today is absolutely perfect.

  2. I love your list! I think I've received too many squishy packages husband asked me what comes in them...ruhrow. I saw our first local bluebonnets today, in my neighbors front yard. I've been stuck in the house with a bug for several days, and they've apparently popped up all over!

  3. Brilliant idea for a wedding present!

  4. Hilarious that you and I both used the word 'squishy' to describe the lovely fabric parcels that arrive by magic postman.
    My version of rotary cutters is thimbles. I have so many dotted about the house!


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