Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Finish: Sharla's First Quilt

If you have been following me for any time you know that Sharla has made more than one quilt.  I regularly show tops she has completed and then the finished version after I have quilted them.  So I'm sure you are wondering how her "first" quilt made the Friday Finish post.  Well it was only finished this week.  Yes you read that right, her first quilted, which was pieced and quilted in 2007, was finished this week.  What can I say that is how we roll.

Let me give you some background.  In 2007 Sharla and I took our first quilting class.  It was the type of class that teaches you how to use a rotary cutter, piece the top and then gives general information about quilting.  We both finished our tops and quilted them on our home machines.  Now I bound mine and gave it to my mom for Christmas and Sharla sew the binding on the front and then put it away because she hates hand sewing as much as I do.  Fast forward to last weekend and we were going through some boxes and found the quilt.  It even still had the needle in the binding where she was going to start (hahaha).  I told her I would machine sew the binding down and so I did.

The pattern is a simple alternating four patch and the fabric is from Moda, but I don't know the line. The funny thing is we both looked at it and laughed because the fabric is so not Sharla.  Not even something I would have picked for her seven years ago.  It is pretty, but not her style (but definitely her colors).

Since it is cold outside I decided to photograph it in front of our glass door.  As soon as it was on the floor, our resident quilt inspector had to check it out.  This photo gives the best representation of the colors.  The next few the sunlight washes the colors out some.

After washing it got laundry piled on it, so it needs to lay out for a while to get rid of the wrinkles, but who has time for that.  It is a fairly small quilt, and the quilting was simple straight line (well as straight as she could get) quilting.  This quilt does have something you won't see on this blog very often and that is a label without my name on it.  I teased her that I wanted binding credit and the original label she typed up had my name on it and I told her to remove it.

I have gotten a little more done that the binding on this quilt, but nothing to the point of showing anyone.  I'm really hoping by next week to have my Looking Glass top completed and if all goes well, maybe even another quilt actually quilted.  Here is one more shot of the quilt inspector checking out the quilt. I'm sure he thinks it belongs to him now.

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  1. A finish is a finish no matter how long it takes - great work!

  2. Hello Shauna, What great fun, finally getting it finished! I love the fabrics, they work really well together - just like you and Sharla!
    Love from England, Muv

  3. The quilt is wonderful and it is great that it is finished.


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