Friday, October 31, 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes: October Results


I waited until the last day to list my results in hopes that I would get more accomplished, but that didn't work.  I didn't get much done, due to lots of reasons, most of which revolve around "life happens". I am happy to say I did get a few things done, and here is my list and what I did or did not do for each item.

1.  Memory quilts...I wanted at least one top pieced, but that didn't happen. I got the third top's four patches made and the fourth top's squares matched.  I am going to have to get busy on these, maybe this weekend will be better.

2. Two quilts quilted...Not a single thing got quilted this month.  I twisted my knee and haven't been up to standing for long periods of time.  But it is feeling better every day and I hope to get a quilt on the frame on Monday. I think it will be Sharla's Box Trot, but I also found a couple of quilts that were lost...aka packed away, so I have plenty of selection.

3. Cut a top out for Sharla...Sharla decided to work on a project that didn't require any cutting from me, because it used pre-cuts.  But in the same box that I found packed quilts I found fabrics for a Cowboy (as in the football team) quilt.  She said today that she wants to work on it this weekend, so I might get some cut tonight for her.

4. Bee Blocks done and in the mail...YEAH something I did get done.  My bee blocks went into the mail last week.  I am really having fun doing the different blocks.  I've been wanting to do some string blocks and these babies just made me want to do more of them.  These were great fun and I think I'm going to strip a bunch of my scraps and just have them at the sewing table so I can periodically sew one or two.

5.  Cut blocks for Simple Greek Cross quilt...I have cut lots of the backgrounds for my blocks and a few of the crosses.  I bought a bundle of low volume fat quarters, to beef of my stash and have cut some out of almost all of them.  The crosses will be mostly scraps left from other quilts.  I've pieced one block.  I've even started writing the tutorial...but the blocks are so simple it isn't much to write.

Over all I sucked this month, in fact I turned on my sewing machine for the first time in weeks on Tuesday.....and boy did it feel good.  I'm putting together blocks for a test quilt and did all that I could do before fabric I ordered arrived.  So hopefully I will have things to show ya'll soon.

I am happy to say I'm feeling better and so is my little fur baby.  He is eating and moving around much better with each passing day.  I'm realistic enough to know that he is old and his time will come, but thankful that it wasn't this month. He is sometimes a bit of trouble, but ohh so worth it. Since I'm working for home 85% of the time now, he is always close, like today he is under my desk.

Now I need to get my but in gear and cut some fabric so I can finish my test quilt.   I am linking up with Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts and Melissa of BitterSweet Designs.


  1. hi Shauna!!
    I am so glad to hear that both you and your little furry babe are getting/feeling better! I broke my knee this summer, and boy, it really makes it hard to do anything at all related to sewing!! I'm sending happy thoughts your way as you get back to doing what you love! XX! Lori

  2. I am much more happy to hear that both you and your fur baby are recovering and getting healthy than to hear about a ton of quilting / sewing progress. I hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Twisted knee? Ouch! I hope it and your fur baby stay well!

  4. Glad you are on the mend and so is your dog! Sometimes you need a break and can get back to sewing when you need to!


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