Saturday, March 22, 2014

30/30 Sewing Challenge - Update 3

Happy Saturday everyone, I hope you have had a wonderful productive week.  Me...not so much.  I did get some things done, but not nearly enough.  I think I just hit a wall this week and just needed some time doing nothing.

On Saturday I ended up not sewing, I did something even more important and that was clean my sewing area.  It had been through several projects and was out of hand.  I cleaned off my sewing table, swiftered the floors, wiped down my long arm, and just generally straightened up everything.  I didn't take any pictures, because even when I was done, it looked a mess, but to me it is an organized mess.

On Sunday I put together the back for Sharla's disappearing 9 patch quilt. I also ironed the back and the top and got it loaded onto the long arm. I'm not sure why I didn't take any photos of the top loaded, but I think I was just entering into my tired zone.

On Monday Sharla and I had blood work first thing, so I got a late start, but I pushed and got the top completely quilted. I just did a simple all over meander, but this was a very large quilt, probably the biggest I've done so far.  I will say I had a first with this quilt in that I broke a needle on it.  I think I had the top stretched too tight and when I went across one of the seams it just was too much.  There was no damage.  I loaded a new needle and was off to the races again. I trimmed it and sewed the binding as well.  Sharla ironed the binding Monday night as we watched DWTS.

On Tuesday, I went to work on the binding as soon as I got home from the grocery store.  I was tired, but wanted to get it done.  I put my binding on by machine on the back and front.  So it isn't hard, just time consuming, but it beats by hand any day.  

Yes it is a wild quilt, but it was made by a wild woman.  :)  I threw it into the washer, so it would get that nice squishy look.  I can say that I'm getting better and better with my meandering.  And I love that I'm getting quilts finished.  I know there is still a lot for me to learn, but I'm so happy with my progress to date. Here it is all washed and laid out nicely.

After this is when my week started going south.  On Wednesday night I came home very tired. I think it is a combination of allergies and all the weather changes, but it really hit me hard.  I went into the sewing room to sew the next set of borders onto my kissing booth quilt.  I got the borders pieced together and then as I was sewing the first one onto the top, I realized I was sewing right side to wrong side.  I did some ripping and decided it was time for bed.

And that was my last sewing efforts for the week.  Thursday and Friday were crazy days at work and when I got home I didn't have the presence of mind to do anything.  But I am hoping to change that today.  I have three things I want to get accomplished this weekend.  First I want to get the borders on my kissing booth quilt, then I want to get the back pieced for my disappearing 9 patch and I want to start cutting out the next test quilt.  If I get all of that done I will be extremely happy. I hope each of you are getting lots accomplished too.


  1. Cleaning is very important....I think that counts as time sewn to me anyway.....grin. I guess I need to clean someday myself.....giggle.

  2. Shauna, you still got a lot done with the few days to rest : ) And I agree with Billie - cleaning (while not fun) certainly is important and helps the creative process - it's so nice to work in a fresh tidy space!

  3. I also count the cleaning as me time, it is very important! and I so understand the tired thing I ended up sewing 2 extra pieces of fabric to my bag cause they were stacked to nicely I didn't even notice that there was an extra third layer on there and that's when the seam ripper becomes your best friend :)

  4. Wow, with all that you fit into the beginning of the week, I think you worked up enough credits to apply to the end of the week. Your work is beautiful. I love the pink and green on your finished quilt. It's beautiful!! :)

  5. I find it hard to be creative when my sewing space is a mess. Sometimes just straightening it up is a big help.

    The quilt may be crazy,but I love the pop of the squares on the green background!

    Sorry to hear that you had a few days of being tired,when that happens it is always best to listen to our body and take a rest. You did accomplish a lot this past week :)

  6. Looks to me like you put in your time. And with sweet results! Love that pink and green. Reminds me of peppermint candy! Yes, when you are tired... there's no sense pressing on and making an error. Better to get a rest! Hope you are feeling up to par now!

  7. wow you did lots this week..well done on getting that quilt finished...

  8. Amazing work for a tired girl! A huge quilt completed and good sense in knowing when to take a breather. <3


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