Monday, November 7, 2011

Grab Bags by JennCK Designs

Ok I suck I am so behind on blogging, but with everything with mom and Sharla, I just haven't had the heart or time to do it. For those of you that are friends and family, I'll give a short update. Mom is at rehab and doing good, they are working her hard, but I'm hoping she will be home soon, she is making good progress. Sharla has also been moved to a rehab facility last Friday. She has a great attitude, but has some work ahead of her.

Now lets get to scrapping stuff I have some really cool stuff to show you, the designers I work with have been very gracious about giving me time with everything happening, but I don't want to let them down. I am going to start with the wonderful Grab Bags created by JennCK Designs for DSD. They are all on sale for $4 through today, so hurry and get them!!!!

First up is a layout I made using her Holiday Cheer Grab Bag and Paper Inspired Grab Bag. They layout is Callie and Tom playing Angry Birds on Christmas day.

Next is a layout using her Friends and Family Grab Bag and Paper Inspired Grab Bag. The photos are Ariella and her favorite toy Tigger. She so funny when she laughs at Tigger.
Here is another layout that uses Friends and Family Grab Bag and Modern Tempates Grab Bag. The photo is Tina, Samuel and Angela taken about a week before they got married.

And lastly is a layout I made using Modern Tempates Grab Bag and Indian Summer. The photo is Tom and Callie taken a couple of years ago. She is definitely a daddy's girl.

So head over to one of her stores and pick them up today!!!!!

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