Thursday, April 2, 2015

Quilty Thankful Thursday #16

Happy Thursday everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful day and didn't get pranked too much yesterday. Today I'm going to list 5 things for which I'm thankful, it keeps me grounded and in the right frame of mind.

1. Learning New Things.  I will admit, I'm a bit of an old dog, so learning new tricks is a reason to be thankful. I wanted to make a pouch for the new van to keep in the glove box. I want to keep things like salt/pepper/ketchup in it along with a couple of forks/spoons/napkins. So I went looking and found the Noodlehead Wide Open Pouch. Since I didn't want the pouch to be stiff, I didn't use any interfacing or stabilizer. I did learn to put a zipper in years ago, but my memory is bad. But I did muddle through and ended up with a cute little pouch. I have already made several more. It has been fun to start and finish something fairly quickly.

2. New Goodies.  Ok this is related to the pouch above.  After making the pouch, I knew I would want to make more, so I ordered some zippers.  Maybe a lot of zippers...ok a lot of zippers.  I'm not sure I will ever use them all, but they are such pretty colors, I couldn't resist getting one of every color.

3.  Hollywood. Not the city, but the crazy dog. He is weird, he is strange, but I love him anyway. Today a pet sitter came by to meet him, and it didn't go well. I don't know why he likes some people and doesn't like others. We were worried this might happen which is why we arranged for him to meet her. Since it didn't go well, he will be boarded at the facility where he goes to doggy daycare. I'm not sure he is going to like that much better, but he likes the people there. And since I love him, I want him to be safe and happy, because he makes me happy.

4. New Books. I have a couple that still haven't arrived, but I've almost finished this one. I love her writing style, but this book is as much about the practice as it is about the words. I really enjoy reading quilting books, I have a couple more on order and I can't wait for them to arrive.

5.  Laughter.  Lately life has been topsy turvy for me.  Nothing horrible, but lots of stuff breaking down, too much to do and not enough time, etc.  But through it all I have always found something to laugh about, not always the situations themselves but laughter none the less.  Last week we found a new show called Repeat After Me and it is just too funny. I love to laugh, and I'm very thankful for my ability to see the humor in life.

Today I am linking up with Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl.  :)


  1. Your wide open pouch looks great, and wow, you bought all the zippers! :)

  2. Give a cuddle to Hollywood from Ella and Lucy! He looks so sweet.
    Love your laughter philosophy! It really makes a difference.

  3. I love zippers - in fact, I *might* have a zipper fetish.......yours looks so fun and will be great in all your pouches. Having a pouch for the glove box is a great idea, I might have to steal that. I just ordered Christina Camelli's latest FMQ book and can't wait for it to get here!

  4. I love the colours of pouch you made - the yellow flower and the matching lining. Maybe I should make one for my new car (a guy drove through a stop sign last week and smashed into my beloved Mini, which I suspect is beyond repair - waiting for the insurance to let me know), although I cannot imagine ever needing eating utensils in the car!
    My dog likes everyone, but there are some people and dogs she truly loves. I am not travelling this year partly because I miss her when we are away. I get what you are saying about Hollywood!


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