Thursday, April 23, 2015

Quilty Thankful Thursday #19

Hello all, I missed last week, not because I wasn't thankful, but because I was busy preparing for the weekend.  So be prepared, I have some really pretty photos to show this week, but I'm going to try and keep it to a minimum.

1.  Weddings.  I will admit I've not always been a big fan of wedding, but Callie (my niece) and Beau had a wonderful wedding. Not without issues, as always seems to be the case, but still beautiful. They wrote all of the vows, and they were funny and touching. A few tears were shed, but not too many. And no Watson (the dog) wasn't at the ceremony, but friends brought him in for photos.

2. Family and Friends.  Ok from the photo above you would think everything was wonderful. What you don't know is about 5 minutes after this shot was taken, Callie almost passes out. I don't think she had had much to eat, and was running on adrenaline, but when that ran out she pretty much dropped. She has the best friends and they all ran to help. They were trying to cool her off, because it was very humid. Luckily a family friend went and got some sugar packets and she up and going again. Then we took some family shots and just as they were finishing a heavy thunderstorm arrived. Everyone jumped into action and moved chairs, etc. and ran for cover. Even with the rain and the semi-outdoor reception, everyone stayed and had a good time.

3. Beautiful Flowers.  Callie picked out great flowers, and they looked wonderful. The arbor that they used, my brother Tom built and Callie and Beau collected silver vases and such for months. All of the flowers were arranged by us, which saved money, but also made them even more special. The running joke was about the boxes that were used, some were dynamite boxes and others were liquor boxes.

4. Laughter. It was either hot and humid or cold and wet, but that didn't stop the laughter. We laughed at each other, things around us, the weather, and so on. The best line I heard all weekend was on Sunday when Callie was talking about her dad walking her down the aisle. He told her she was beautiful and she told him to stop, if he said nice things she would cry. So he told her she had a fat ass....yeah that is so not true. But it made her laugh. She told him during the daddy/daughter dance that he could say nice things again. Also the one shot I think everyone got was Callie almost tripping as she went back down the aisle. The look on her face was priceless.

5. Love.  I really felt blessed to participate in everything last weekend. I saw so many instances of love, and all kinds of love. Everything did not go as planned, but no one let it get them down. They just kept moving forward, and you can't beat that. The love Callie and Beau share is special and I am very very thankful that she found that love. And I'm thankful that he joined our family and fits right in with the rest of us crazies.

And yes Watson caught the bouquet, well the doggie bouquet. All in all it was a great weekend, and when it was over we were all tired, but a good tired. Sorry that this post doesn't have more quilty content, but just so it has a little, here is the "guest book" table with the quilt squares laid on it.

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  1. That looks like a great wedding! Love the flowers.

  2. Beautiful, Shauna! I was thinking of you and am so glad there was so much love and support.

  3. Beautiful! I am catching up on reading and so glad I didn't miss this lovely post.


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