Friday, December 19, 2014

Seven Little Blocks

This week started out like any other week, busy, holiday crunch has hit.  Then I saw a blog post on the Molli Sparkles blog that made me stop and think. He is in Sydney, and was at a loss over the devastation that happened there on Monday.  When he learned two two Heros were killed, he wanted to do something for the families of the victims.  So he decided to use the blocks he would be receiving from a bee he is a part of to make two quilts, but he needed a little help.  So he asked for volunteers to make some hashtag blocks. When I first read it, I will admit that my response was I don't have time for this, it is the week before Christmas.  Then my heart kicked in and I knew I had to do something, even if it wasn't a lot.

So I decided that I would go to my stash and pull the first couple of fabrics I found that met the criteria. I first grabbed my white for the background and then started digging for rainbow tone on tone fabric.  I found a red, purple, green, yellow, blue and that says rainbow to me.  I also pulled another yellow dot so I could do a test block.

I spent about 2 hours total, cutting and piecing the blocks.  Not really a lot, even during a busy week and this is what I made.


I decided to send the dottie block just in case he could use it.  Now seven little blocks on their own, don't really amount to much, but when added to the other blocks being done by quilters all around the world, they will create something wonderful.  I also sent some money via paypal to help cover costs of backing, binding and batting.  Again it wasn't much on it on, but with everything else, I hope it helps.

Now if you would like to see other blocks people are making, search instagram for #hashtagblock, #GlitteratiToTheRescue or #SewingForSydney.  I've seen some great ones already. Since the cost to ship to Australia can get costly, the wonderful people at The Intrepid Thread have offered to collect blocks from the US and ship them.  Can I just say that quilters as a whole are a pretty awesome group!!!

The original hope was to do two quilts, one for each family, but the response has been good, so he is hoping to do six, one for the three children, each family and the partner of one of the victims.  So that means total he needs 1080 blocks.  So if you're a quilter, think about whipping up a couple of blocks. You can find all the info on the Molli Sparkles blog.

Since these are my only finishes for this week I'm counting them as my Friday Finish and I will be linking up with  Let's Bee Social with Sew Fresh Quilts, Can I Get A Whoop Whoop @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict, Link a Finish Friday @ Richard and Tanya Quilts, Finish It Up Friday @ Crazy Mom Quilts, Needle and Thread Thursday @ My Quilt Infatuation and Fabric Frenzy Friday @ Fort Worth Fabric Studio.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Time To Pick A Winner

Good Monday Morning everyone, I hope everyone had fun visiting all the blogs for the giveaways. So far, no wins for me, but it was fun visiting some new blogs, I even found a few new ones to follow. But now for the important part of this post it is time to pick a winner.  I loved reading all of the things ya'll wanted for Christmas and several even made me laugh.  And lots of them could have easily been my wish list.  I used the Random Number generator and it selected lucky number

So I searched the comments and found that comment number 56 belonged to

I laughed at her comment, because I too would love a bottle of sanity.  Not for kids, just for life in general.  I will be emailing her today.

And if you were hoping to win, but didn't I really recommend Cheryl's patterns, they are written very well and are fast to make.  You can check out her blog at Meadow Mist Designs.  I want to make all three patterns that I gave away, I just need a little more time to do so...which was some several people wanted for Christmas.