Sunday, October 11, 2015

100 Days of Happy - Part 2

Ok it is time for the second installment of #100daysofhappy. It has been another 10 days and I've managed to find something to be happy about every day.

10/02/15 - Day 11 - Salted Caramel Frappuccino. Now I love frappuccinos any day of the week they make me happy. But as crazy as people are about all things pumpkin spice, I look forward to the salted caramel frapps at Starbucks. I like pumpkin, just not in my coffee, but caramel.....yummo!! The normal way it is made is as a mocha, but I asked for white chocolate instead and it was simply heaven.

10/03/15 - Day 12 - Holding puppies. Ok this was one of those happy but sad occasions. Sharla and I went down to the SPCA to check out a couple of dogs to possibly adopt. I loved the photo of Stewie and Sharla love Wilbur. We got there and they bring them into a room one at a time. They were both small and extremely timid. It turns out they had to be removed from their "home" along with 20 other dogs because the conditions were so bad. Stewie would at least walk around the room, poor Wilbur was just frozen in panic. We eventually held both of them and they calmed down a little, but they were still terrified. I wanted nothing more than to bring them home with me and love them forever. But alas we decided not to do that. Not that we minded working with them to overcome their fear, but because we fear that Hollywood would be too much for them. He is big and loud and that would just make things worse for them. So we made arrangements to go back for a meet and greet with Hollywood.

10/04/15 - Day 13 - Sleeping In. I rarely get to sleep in, and I didn't sleep really late today, but I didn't get up until 9:04 and it felt great just having that extra time snuggled in bed. If I could have slept later I would have, but I had to stumble to my desk to work.

10/05/15 - Day 14 - Getting Things Done. After dropping Sharla off at work, I took my HandiQuilter in to be serviced, then I came home cleaned some, sewed some, and picked Sharla up from work. I know that seems like a pretty boring day, but I am happy when I get things done, even the little things.

10/06/15 - Day 15 - New Fabric. Yes I know I'm addicted to fabric and I just don't care. I ordered some kona solids for Sharla and I to see which we want to use on our Pie Making Day quilts. She wants dark rich colors and I want light airy colors.  After seeing the solids with the fabrics, we settled on glacier for Sharla and meringue for me. They are the top two colors in the photo below.

10/07/15 - Day 16 - Return of Abby.  Abby is the nickname I gave my HandiQuilter Avante. I love the fast service I got. In on Monday and back on Wednesday, I say you can't beat that with a stick. I've not gotten to quilt on her yet, but hopefully Monday at the latest.

10/08/15 - Day 17 - Funny Stuff. Ok I love to laugh and lots of things make me laugh, but as I was driving down the road this morning I saw a truck ahead of me. Now that doesn't sound too funny until to read the back of the truck. I know they don't sell "farts" and that part of the "p" has come off, but it made me laugh.

10/09/15 - Day 18 - New Sewing Table. Cole went to Ikea for me this week and picked up a couple of tables and drawer units. He put together my set on Friday.  I'm still organizing it all, but I promise pictures soon.

10/10/15 - Day 19 - Marley. We took Hollywood with us to the SPCA today and he did very very well with "Stewie", so we adopted him. And changed his name before we even left the building. We still have lots of adjusting to do, but I think he is going to be a great fit for our family.  I've not heard him bark at all, and he is still finding his way around. But we are very very happy. I would have loved to bring home Wilbur as well, but two scared dogs would be a little much. We felt it would be better to focus our attention on one dog. He needs a bath but can't have one before Wednesday due to his surgery. And he needs to learn to use the doggie door, but other than that, he is a real sweetheart.

10/11/15 - Day 20 - Marley Again. Ok he is the sweetest little dog, but he is still so scared of everyone and everything. Last night he couldn't settle down in the kennel, so I closed my bedroom door and let him have the run of the room. It took a long time for him to settle down and go to sleep, and he kept waking me up about every hour moving around, but finally about 4 he crashed and slept hard until I got this morning.  For today we are keeping him kenneled and taking him out about every 2 hours to potty, drink, and stretch his legs.  He didn't eat much this morning, but he is still getting used to all the sights and sounds.

So ten more days of happy in my quest for #100daysofhappy.  I'll be back in a week or so with some more things that make me happy.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Stash #146

Happy Sunday all, I told you last week that Sharla and I had bought more fabric, and I would show you soon. Well today is the day for installment two. We both did the piggy bank challenge last year, and saved a nice chuck of change. We had some ideas of the fabrics we wanted, but they weren't available at that time. I showed ya'll Eden last week that was on the top of my list. I was lucky enough to get it on sale and I had a gift card that covered almost half.  Sharla was waiting for her favorite line to be available but couldn't decide what she wanted to use the rest of her money to purchase. I was looking and found Pie Day by Brenda Ratliff, and showed it to her and she loved. And I loved it too.  So we both bought a bundle.

And although we both love the fabric, we have very different ideas on the quilts we want to make with them.  Sharla is looking at doing a brick pattern and I'm doing a pattern I found in a magazine. In order to see if our bundles were enough to make the designs we wanted I drew them up in EQ7. We both like our layouts but are struggling with the background fabric we want to use.  She is debating between Kona Glacier and Wine (and a couple more) and I'm debating between Kona Dusty Peach and Meringue.  We are going to order a 1/2 yard of our top three choices, to play with before we decide.  Here are the top two options for each of us, Sharla's is on top.

Sharla's is a brick pattern with horizontal sashing after every three rows. Mine is a pattern called Chevron On that I found in Quilty magazine (Mar/Apr 2013), but I made it larger than theirs. We aren't in a super rush to pick the fabrics, but we'll be ordering the options soon.

There is still one more round of fabrics to show everyone, but that will be next week. Today I'm linking up with Molli Sparkles.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Lovely Year of Finishes - October Goals

It is time to gear up and get somethings done. I have a big list this month of things I need to get done and I'm going to do my best to get everything done early in the month...yeah right. But I want to get lots done.  I'm going to change things up a little this month because I have several projects that I have to make progress on, so those will be tops on my list. And of course the first item is always my main goal for the month.

1. Dog Gone Cute Quilt. I have to finish it because my blog day is the 20th. The blocks are done, but the real issue is going to be my long arm is going into the shop on Monday and I won't have it for at least a week. So everything has to be ready the minute I get it back to get this done.

2. Trey and Jess's tree skirt. I want to have the top pieced. I need to give it to them at Thanksgiving at the latest so I need that top pieced. It isn't large, so I just need to push myself to work on it.

3. Bee Blocks. Now these are important, I've not missed a month yet and I want to continue on that path. The blocks this month are really cool and I've never done either of them, so that is fun. For the Bee Hive block I'm doing Checkered and for the Stash Bee I'm doing a My Favorite Star block.

4. Midnight Mystery QAL. We are doing a courthouse square block for this month that looks to be very simple and straight forward. My plan is to get it done while my long arm is gone and I have to focus on piecing.

5. Turning Twenty BOM. There will be two more blocks this month, both done in 12" and 6" versions. I'm having fun doing these, because I'm not done a lot of star blocks in the past. Some I really love others not so much, but I'm learning and doing new things which is important.

6. Callie and Beau's Wedding Quilt. I got the blocks back this week, so it is time to start piecing the top. But first I have to layout it out so that I get a good mix of signed blocks and blank blocks. And that should be easier starting next week because I ordered a movable design wall.

7. Tic Tac Toe Blocks. I have seven cut and I want to get those sewn this month. I'm not going to work on my cross blocks or flying geese blocks, so that I have time for other projects. But if things slow down I might cut some of both of those for next month.

8. Memory Quilts. They don't come off my list until they are done.

9. Sharla's Box Trot Quilt. I want to get it quilted. We purchased a wool batting for this one, and I want to see how warm it is so I know if I want to do a couple more wool ones this winter.

10. Revamp the sewing room. I know I'm always doing this, but it is always in a constant state of change. But I've decided that I want to change my sewing table out for and Ikea one and add a drawer unit for storage and I would like to get that done this month.

October is going to be a busy month, so I have got to get my game plan down and really concentrate on the projects I need to complete. I hope that everything is done and checked off by October 31st, but I'm self aware enough to know it won't be. I'll settle for getting most of it done. Today I am linking up with Melissa of Sew BitterSweet Designs and Shannon of Fiber of All Sorts.