Sunday, April 5, 2015

2015 Finish-Along: Quarter 1 Finishes

I will admit quarter one sucked for me. I did get a few things done, but not near what I wanted to get done. I had such lofty goals and they all went to poof. However, we don't need to be depressed about what I didn't do, let's look at what I did get accomplished.

1. Tessellated Leaves.  It is done, pieced, quilted and blogged about. I really love this pattern and will do it again in the future. I did this as a test quilt for Quilting Jetgirl and you can find the pattern here.

Now this is where everything went south. I did get one memory quilt quilted, but it isn't bound and the other three are just hanging over my head. And nothing else got quilted.

Now on my other accomplishments, I did a little better. All of my bee blocks have been on time, and I've even joined another bee. But last month was my last month of three bees since one is now finished. I've also done cross blocks every month, and in February, I made great progress and am just over 50% done. The moose quilt still sits waiting to be unpicked, but I did buy and battery powered seam ripper to help in the process. The sewing room has been re-organized and re-arranged. I still need to work on it some, but it is much better and overall it is more to my liking. My last goal was to get the blocks for Callie and Beau's signature wedding quilt done. I finished those and gifted them to her a week or so ago.

I wish I had gotten more don, but I'm alright with where I finished. I want to get more quilting done next quarter, but April is a busy month, so I will most likely keep my list shorter.  Today I'm linking up with On the Windy Side.


  1. Fabulous finish on that quilt, Shauna!

  2. I've never seen this pattern, it is lovely, as is your quilt. I only got one finish done too in Q1 , one finish is still great.


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