Saturday, March 8, 2014

30/30 Sewing Challenge Update 1

Ok it is time to give an update on my 30/30 Sewing Challenge.  I'm doing pretty good, but did have one day that nothing got done...well sewing wise.  So let's see what I did get done in the first 7 days.

On day 1, which was Saturday, I did more cutting than sewing, but I got a turning 20 quilt completely cut. I have to say I love this pattern, it uses big pieces that really show off the fabrics and it is easy to put together.

Sunday rolled around and we got a wonderful little ice/sleet storm, so even though I went to work, I came home early and worked from home.  But I did get the back pieced for my t-shirt quilt, but some how I didn't take any pictures.  I also cut a second turning 20 quilt for Sharla.  It was a busy day.

Then Monday was my busiest day of the week.  Since the roads were bad I didn't have to take Sharla to work, so I had extra time.  I got my t-shirt quilt loaded onto the long arm and quilted.  I then made the binding and label. Then bound it.  I was so busy getting it all done I didn't stop to take pictures of each step, but here is the completed quilt.  It is smaller than the ones I've been working on, so finishing it in a day was pretty easy.

Since I finished the quilt on Monday, that left me to do some sewing on Tuesday.  I started piecing my turning 20 top.  It went together very fast, and so I finished all blocks and got them put together. I still have to add the three borders, but am loving the colors.

Wednesday I fell off the wagon. Sharla and I have wanted to change the layout of our family room for some time, and for whatever reason, I just had to move it on Wednesday.  And after moving the sofa, two recliners, all kind of tables and such, I just wasn't up to sewing.

But Thursday I got back on track.  I was asked last week to test a quilt, so I cut out about 1/2 of the fabric and then started doing some of the half square triangles.  The method shown in the pattern makes it go pretty fast, but I did mess up one or two when cutting.  Luckily I got some extra fabric, and I learned a lot just doing these eight babies.

That leaves Friday night, where I finished cutting the test quilt and sewed the strips together.  It wasn't exciting, sewing, but it had to be done. And since it was Friday night, I needed something that I didn't have to really think about to hard.

So I think I've done fairly well for the week.  Could it have been better, sure, but life happens.  I'm hoping to finished the test quilt by the end of the day on Monday as well as get another quilt onto the frame and quilted. Yeah I know I have big plans, but my thought is aim high and even if I miss the mark, I will hopefully still get lots done!!!  


  1. You definitely have been busy with your 30/30 Challenge! Great job Shauna!

  2. you did a great job showing what you have worked on day to day, and having a room just the way you want it is a relaxing place after a bit of sewing/quilting....

  3. Great progress this week! A Tshirt quilt is something I want to make one of these days. What kind of fabric (quilt fabric? Tshirt?) do you use for the sashing?

  4. wow that was some week.,,you got lots done

  5. You are off to a great start Shauna! You sure did make a lot of progress this week! All the quilts are very pretty too.

  6. Congratulations on all your sewing this week. I know it was a lot of fun.

    Kathleen Mary

  7. You made great progress, Shauna! Love that t-shirt quilt. And your turning 20 quilt is looking sew-weet! Congrats on your progress for the test quilt. Looking forward to seeing more!

  8. Great progress this week - I wish I could say I finished a quilt and pieced another! And it sounds like your sew-a-thon Monday more than made up for the day you were rearranging. Hope you're enjoying your new layout. One of the fun "side effects" of moving as often as I do is that just when I start to get tired of the living room layout, we pack it up and start over with a new space to fit : P

  9. Goodness - you were busy! I love the turning 20's too!!

  10. You're work is very nice! Good job!


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