Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday, Sept. 30th

Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble...yes it is that time of year. I like Halloween, mainly because kids enjoy it so much and it is fun to watch their excitement. Modern June Creations has come out with a great Halloween kit called Hocus Pocus and it's coloring is just a little different than normal kits, which makes it great. Something new and exciting.
I've done three layouts with the kit and really love the colors (but then I'm a purple girl). The first is an old co-worker dressed up as Liz Taylor a few years ago for our office celebration. I think she looks very very good as Liz, and who isn't just a little wicked.

Next is a very pretty kitty cat named Callie. The first year we were in the new house, Sharla and I had to work the Fall Festival at Church, so Callie came over to hand out candy to the kids, since it was hard for Mom and Dad to answer the door and keep the dogs from running outside. She came up the costume after she got to the house. And it was funny we had some older boys trick or treating and one of them hit on her. She thought it was so funny.

Lastly is another photo of former co-workers. This group is very creative and slightly goulish. But for all of their scariness, you couldn't meet a nicer group of people.

Ok that is it for today, I'll be back tomorrow with a new kit from Jewelscraps.

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