Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday, Sept. 17th

Ok, I have a couple of new kits to show ya'll today, but before I do. For those interested, my first day on my new job went great. The people are friendly and nice, and so far I'm enjoying what I'm doing. Thanks to everyone who kept me in their thoughts and prayers yesterday, it definitely helped.

Ok first Digi Designs by Nicole is releasing a Template pack today, called Template Temptation 3, which is great for fast yet beautiful layouts. The kit will be available at Stuff To Scrap today.

My first layout with it is of Zoey and I used a kit by Digi Designs by Nicole called Lazy Days and is also available at Stuff To Scrap. It is a before and after layout of Zoey. Who is getting better and better with each day. She is almost back to her old self.

The next layout is Mecca, Callie and Cole. First I'm claiming that the kids get their orneriness from the Hooper side (Mecca), of course anyone that knows the family would probably disagree, but that is my story. The photos were taken out side of their old house and it wasn't planned to get shots with her and the kids like this, but with those trouble makers....ohhh sweet things, it just happens. The kit used is Family Time a collab between Digi Designs by Nicole and Shel Belles and is also available at Stuff To Scrap. I love the colors in this kit.

Next Jewelscraps is releasing a kit called Falling Deep and it is beautiful fall colors and is available at Enchanted Studio Scraps. The kit is on sale today. My first layout with it is of Mecca, taken at Thanksgiving 2007. I cut Callie out of the photo because she had her eyes partially closed and looked a little tipsy. I thought the colors of the kit worked well with the photo.

The next layout is of a young Tucker Joe with his beanie zebra. We bought him a zebra and Cooper a giraffe the day we brought them home. They played with them for a little while and then lost interested. Then about a year later, Cooper decided they were a threat to the world and took them out bad. We had to take them away because the beanies were coming out when he was done with them. In these shot Tucker is sleeping and I snuck the zebra into his paws and took the photos.

Ok the last set of layouts today are using simply.scraps new blog train freebie called Simply Sunny. If you want the kit go her blog Simply.Scraps and you can pick it up for free this week. After that it will be in her store. The kit is bright yellows, blues and greens, and just screams sunshine. My first layout is Callie and Cole taken years ago at one of the Plano Balloon festivals. The sun was shining brightly behind them and I thought it just fit the kit.

The next layout is Callie. The photos were taken in a group of photos Sharla did one day on a whim. It is one of my most favorite set of photos of Callie. She was just posing and having fun, and you can see it in her face.

That is it for today, my lunch hour is about over, and I need to get back to feels good to say that again. More layouts tomorrow, because Jewelscraps is releasing a new kit called My Backyard. Later.....

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