Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Finish - 01/06/17

I have my first finish for 2017 and the first completed quilt in way way too long. Now before I show it to you, let me tell you the quilt is for Marley, my dog. So I didn't go back and fix things that I would normally fix. I have had this quilt on the frame for months, but just never got around to quilting it.

It has been over 6 months since I quilted, and I thought it would be a good idea to use a meandering panto-graph to get me back in the groove. I was wrong, very very wrong. I was so stiff using the machine and I just couldn't relax working from the back of the machine.  I just don't like working like where I can't see what is being stitched. So what I found is I crossed over stitches, my flow was very jumpy and jagged, but I continued until I finished it.

From the back it doesn't look back, because the thread blends into the busy background. I love a nice busy background. I realized after completing the binding I didn't even label it.

However when you see the front, you can see all the mistakes and jagged moves. Normally I would have picked these all out and redone it, but I know that Marley could care less about the quilting, so I just decided to be done with it.

It is a fun little quilt and right now it is sitting on Sharla's chair and she and Marley cover up with it while watching TV at night. No pictures of Marley and the quilt yet, but I'll work on it. Most importantly it is off the machine so I can load something else. My plan had been to load Mecca's quilt next, but I think I want to do another quilt before that to get my groove back. So I think Sharla's monkey quilt will be next. It is larger than this one, but still relatively small, so it shouldn't be too hard to complete and will let me get back in practice quilting from the front of the machine.

I also got my bee block done for Stash Bee Hive #9 this week. So I am on a roll. I love this house block and it is appropriate for Tanyia because she just moved into a new home.

Lastly I made progress on my Big and Bold quilt top, but no photos of that yet, maybe by next week I will have photos of my progress. But that is it for today and I am linking up my finish with Can I Get A Whoop Whoop @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict, Finish It Up Friday @ Crazy Mom Quilts, Needle and Thread Thursday @ My Quilt Infatuation, Finished or Not Friday @ Busy Hands Quilts and Fabric Frenzy Friday @ Fort Worth Fabric Studio.


  1. I think that using Marly's quilt as a place to get back into the "groove" so to speak was a great start. I am 100% sure that he will only feel and see the love that you put into the quilt. <3

  2. Lucky dog - it is very loved!! A good practice quilt - you will be back into it in no time!

  3. Hello, I like your/Marley's quilt! I think I recognise a free pattern called Layers of Charm by The Fat Quarter Shop. Is that correct? Did you use layer cake squares ? How big is your quilt? Thank you.

  4. Kudos on getting back to quilting. It does take time to get back into the groove, so don't be hard on yourself.

  5. This pattern has long been on my must-make list. It's a great quilt!


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