Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Stash 01/22/17

Well I thought my numbers wouldn't change this week, until I read Judy's post. She counts her fabric like this

1. Fabric for the top when the top is finished.
2. Fabric for the back after the top is quilted.
3. Fabric for the binding after the quilt is bound.

Using this method, I get to count the fabric for the top and the backing for Sharla's Flirt/Jelly Roll'n quilt. I never counted the top fabric when it was completed and I finished quilting it late yesterday. And I finished piecing my Big and Bold quilt this week. Woohoo!!!!

Fabric Used this Week: 15 yards
Fabric Used year to Date: 19.25 yards
Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 0 yards
Net Fabric for 2017: 19.25 yards used

I like this way of tracking so much more, because I don't have to wait until the quilt is totally finished and it lets me see more progress at different points. And since the fabric has been converted into a quilt top, then it really isn't usable for another project.

The breakdown for this week is 5 7/8 yards for Big and Bold, 4 5/8 for Flirt top and 4 1/2 yards for Flirt backing.  There will just a little more used next week when I bind Flirt.

My plan is to bind and label Flirt this week and then continue putting together my cross blocks into groups of 4, 8 and 16.  There are 280+ blocks, so I think grouping them together will make it easier to work with rather than doing long rows.

Now since I hate posts without pictures, and I've not gotten any of Flirt or Big and Bold since the one I showed on Friday, I will end this post with a picture of Marley. He and Sharla have been using his quilt a lot. Which makes me ohhh so happy.

Today I'm linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times Sunday Stash. And I'm very very happy to say that I'm making progress. Which is part of the reason I wanted to start reporting my usage, to give me some sort of measure. I do better when I can measure my progress (it is a left brain thing).


  1. Breaking down your usage like this makes a lot of sense. Sounds like we'll have a finish to enjoy soon! :)

  2. Congratulations for your gorgeous finihed quilt!

  3. Congrats on your usage! I like and use Judy's method of tracking stash usage for the same reason you mentioned. It's motivating to see intermediate progress!

  4. This is a very logical method of measuring progress. Logic makes me happy. :)

    Marley is the cutest quilt model ever!

  5. I like that way of measuring too, it is very nice to see intermediate progress towards stash use.

  6. Congrats! I agree, Judy's method seems to be the best for me, as it pushes me to get the next step done so I can add a finish!

  7. Congrats on getting a great start to stash busting in 2017. I tend to count fabric as each block is finished. If I waited till I had a completed top, I'd never count anything. But it's all in what system works for you.


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