Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Stash Report - 01/15/17

It was a real bummer week.  I had great plans of piecing the back for Sharla's monkey quilt and getting it on the long arm along with finishing piecing my big and bold top. Well that all went awry big time. But before I tell you that story, let's get to my report.

Fabric Used this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Used year to Date: 4.25 yards
Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 0 yards
Net Fabric for 2017: 4.25 yards used

So I finished nothing this week and I put the blame fully on one Hollywood. Yes I am blaming my dog for nothing getting done. Don't be fooled by that sad face, he is a big pain in my buttocks.

I know he looks cute, but he is a major brat, well at least this week he was. Last weekend I went to pull the fabric for the back of the monkey quilt, it was to be pieced with some sock monkey fabric and the solid red fabric she used for the sashing. I grabbed the sock monkey fabric and began to look for the solid red fabric. I looked on Saturday, somewhat, but thought I had moved it to the sewing room and would easily find it on Sunday. We had several things going on, so I didn't look too hard. On Sunday I checked out the sewing room, no red fabric. So on Monday (my day off) I double checked the sewing room, my office area, the family room, the sewing room again, and so on. But I couldn't find the fabric. I couldn't remember where I cut the fabric, but found some scraps on my desk, so I tore through that area. When Sharla got home she went through her sewing table and sewing area, no luck. By the time we finished dinner I was tired and frustrated so I didn't do any sewing at all.

Tuesday (my second day off), I went back through everything again and no fabric. I was frustrated, and couldn't figure out what happened. I decided that we didn't buy enough to use in the backing and the few strips we found were all that were left. I decided to piece the rows on my big and bold just to get my mind off of that fabric. But it was really bugging me. My house isn't that big, and it shouldn't be hard too find fabric that I had my hands on in November.

Wednesday while driving Sharla to work she suggested we look behind the bookcase by my chair. I agreed that I would, but I told her I thought we hadn't bought as much fabric as we were thinking. She felt that we had bought plenty.  Since I was working on Wednesday I had less time to look, but I work from home, so in the slow moments I could try. The first thing I did was go back and look to find where we ordered the fabric and yes there should be plenty for the backing. Then I went to see if anything had fallen behind my bookcase. No nothing there, but the bookcase is close to the back door which has a window in it. And as I backed up from looking behind the bookcase something caught my eye on the back porch. I opened the door to find red fabric wrapped around an outside table. Strung out, damp and a little dirty, I had found the fabric.

Now why do I think it was Hollywood, well I know it wasn't my sister or I, my nephew knew nothing of it and Marley is to small to carry it out there. That leaves the one and only brat dog Hollywood. Who became very lovey when I picked up the fabric, because he knew he was in trouble. He has never bothered any fabric before, I have tons of it around my house and he mostly ignores it. Why he did it, I don't know, but now I have a mass of red fabric and it will have to be washed before I can use it. Nothing else on the quilt is washed, so I'm not sure how that is going to work. I think I may wash it but not dry it. And let it hang dry and then iron it.

I was very glad to have found the fabric, because I was going nuts, but still felt so frustrated that I just didn't want to sew.  I did iron the rows for big and bold and hope to get it pieced this weekend. For now I'm moving on to another quilt to quilt, while the red is washed and dried. I had really hoped to have another finish, but sometimes life happens.

And for those worried, Hollywood was not punished or harmed in any way. I love that stinking brat too much. As I'm writing this post he is sleeping with his head on my foot. We joked that he wanted a superman cape and this fabric would be perfect. I had him sit and I draped the fabric around him. He wasn't very happy about it, he is smart enough to know that something was wrong. He kept moving closer and closer to me, because he wanted to give me "kisses". He is a brat, but I love him.

So that is sad tale of my life this week. I will be linking up with Judy @ Patchwork Times even if I have nothing to show.


  1. LOL Oh those sweet, guilty eyes!

  2. Oh my, that is a guilty face if I have ever seen one! I'm glad you found the fabric and I hope it washes up just fine and works great. :)

  3. He just wanted something of yours to call his own - guilty yes but rather beautiful!!

  4. I'm sure it wasn't funny in the moment, but that is a funny story.


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