Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thankful Thursday...07/23/15

I was sad to see Quilty Thankful Thursday be discontinued, and when I was told I thought I would still try and do Thankful Thursday a couple times a month.  My plan had been to do a post the next week, but to be honest I wasn't in a thankful state of mind.  I lost my buddy pal that week and was really just pissed off at the world in general.  The next week, I was swamped and let the craziness of everyday life keep me from showing my thankfulness. But not any more, today I'm going to list some things I'm thankful about even if it kills me.

1. Sweet People. When I posted about losing Tucker, I had lots of family, friends and even strangers reach out to me and offer their prayers, thoughts and love. And I am so very thankful for each and every one of those notes. I can't put into words how special each and every note, call, and text was to me. I may not have responded to each of them, because I just couldn't get the words out, but thank you all so very much.

2. The Internet. I know it can be a wild and crazy place, but it is also so full of great information. Anytime I want to know how to do something I simply google it. I've found wonderful quilting videos, great recipes and even some odd info that really turns out to be helpful. Like...we were having a problem with flies. And I went out and searched ways to get rid of them. I have used fly traps in the past but they are pretty gross, and it was before we had Hollywood, and I'm not sure he would leave them alone. Then I came across an article, that talked about all the normal stuff, don't leave food out, etc., but it also mentioned that flies don't like the smell of lemongrass. So I bought some lemongrass oil and a diffuser and put it in the kitchen. It has been so great. In fact I bought a second diffuser...ok three more. Not all for lemongrass, we don't have that bad of a problem.  I turn them on in the morning, and our problem is down at least 95%. We still have an occasional one, but nothing like the 10-15 we were seeing each day. And they are dive bombing flies. So if you want to learn about something search the internet...just be careful and don't trust everything you read. And if you have a fly problem lemongrass really does help.

3. Bee Blocks. I've received almost all of my blocks for my turn as queen of the Bee Hive Swarm Johanna. They are so perfect that I can't wait to finish the quilt. I have enjoyed making my blocks each month, but I will admit receiving is pretty darn cool. And I get to be queen of Stash Bee hive 9 next month.  I just can't wait.

4. Great sales. I have to admit I think Sharla and I have gone a little nuts buying fabrics lately and we've definitely have to close the pocketbooks, but not before getting a few good deals.  The one I think I'm the happiest about is the jelly rolls I got on sale. I ended up getting 4 and they are all Christmas prints. My nephew and his finance as for a tree skirt last year on Christmas day. I'm going to do the Joyful Jelly Roll Tree Skirt by Fat Quarter Shop. I bought the Jingle line by Kate Spain to use for it.  I also go Joyeux Noel because Sharla liked that line and two of Evergreen by Basic Grey. If the tree skirt is easy (and probably even if it isn't), I'm going to see if my niece wants one as well as my sister-in-law.  If they don't like the Joyeux Noel or Evergreen fabrics then we'll make Christmas quilts for us to use.

5. Little Things. Over the last couple of weeks there have been a lot of little things happen that just make me happy. I ran to the farmer's market Saturday morning, and when I got home Sharla had emptied and loaded the dishwasher. At Starbucks the drive thru line was long and slow, but when we got to the window the girl gave us our frappuncinos for free. The road over the dam has opened back up and so the morning traffic has been reduced. I found 32 cents in the driveway (score for my piggy bank).  I went to the grocery store and actually remembered three things not on my list, which saved a return trip. July is almost over and we've not hit 100 degrees yet (but it may happen today). Each of these things has made me happy, and I'm thankful they occurred.


  1. Small things can really add up to mean a lot. :) I'm glad you are continuing the posts, especially if they help you reflect on joy, happiness, and gratitude.

  2. Your extended family is going to have the best-dressed Christmas trees this side of ... well ... anywhere!
    I get to be queen bee in my Stash Bee hive next month too. I will have to look to see what you have planned. All ready?

  3. I know what you mean Shauna, when we put Ben to sleep it was a Friday and I hid for the weekend and couldn't talk to anyone. I have a few thankful Thursday posts to write too, glad to see it continuing!

  4. What great new fabrics have been arriving at your house, the jelly rolls and bee blocks look awesome.


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