Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Piggy Bank Challenge 2015-2016

Ok it is time to start saving again for the Piggy Bank Challenge 2015-2016 or the 3rd annual, which ever way you want to list it.  If you read last week Sharla and I were able to save over $450 together last year. A pretty awesome feat if I do say so myself. So we are signing up for the challenge again this year. But we are making a little change. While we love McGee and DiNozzo, they are difficult to use. Dumping a change purse full of coins is time consuming through their little slots and they are tight and don't want to give the money back to us. Sharla ended up tearing a bill trying to get it out of McGee.

So we are switching to boxes. I changed at the end of last year, and it was so much easier to just dump my change into my box on my desk.  If they get full before the year is up, we will empty them into a zip lock bag.  Here are the boxes we are using, I just got them at JoAnns. Sharla's is the burgundy/green and mine is the purple/green.

Now for what we're going to buy with the money we save, that is easy.....FABRIC!!!! We are pretty set with our supplies, so that leaves the thing we are really love and that is fabric. We will look at lines that are available next year when we count the money.

I will say that we were successful because we didn't use our change. Whenever we got it, it went into a coin purse and we dumped that weekly.  It was a big change of habit for me, because I always used my change to pay. But holding it back really adds up quicker than even I realized.  We did toss in dollars on occasion. I think we will try to throw more paper money in this year to see if we can break $500 next year. Also it doesn't that Sharla and I are competitive, so we would often count what we dumped and lord it over the other if we more. I know we can be silly, but competition does help.

Now if you want to join the challenge, get a bank or box and start pinching those pennies and also link up with Val @ Val's Quilting Studio, which I will be doing today.

Val's Quilting Studio


  1. The fun and silly competition sounds like it was a good motivator to keep saving money. Good luck saving $500 this year!

  2. Awesome challenge and an even better prize, you can't get better than fabric :)

  3. It sounds like you are competitive in a nice way, so carry on with the silliness and enjoy spending last year's loot!

  4. Welll mark your calendar as we will count and link our savings on July 6th. Wouldn't it be amazing to have saved $500!!!


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