Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 Finish-A-Long - Q1 - Goals

I have to admit as much as I love lists, I almost didn't do this post. I seem to do better with short term goals, because I don't know what I want to work on in March. Last year I really didn't do go with these goals, but I am hoping to better this year.

I have a long list of things I want to get done, and I'm sure I won't get anywhere close to all of these things done, but hey it is worth it to at least write them down and try. I'm breaking my list down into a couple of different categories.

Tops I have finished and need to quilt

1. Sharla's Box Trot quilt. It is loaded on the long arm, but this week has been crazy, so I've not started it yet, but I hope to get it quilted this week.

2. Sharla's Norway quilt. It is a turning 20 quilt and has been sitting on the shelf way too long. And I've searched and can't find a photo of the completed quilt. I will try and get one soon.

3. My Alternating 4 patch quilt. It is one of the first quilt tops I made and it is time to get it done. I think it would make a great quilt for Hollywood to use under my desk.

Tops I need to piece and quilt

4. Ariella's Memory quilt - I've made very little progress on this one, but the blocks are pieced and need to be sashed. All the memory quilts have progressed past this stage, but I can't show the progress until they are all done and gifted.

5. Samuel's Memory quilt - It is in the same place as Ariella's.

6. Tina's Memory quilt - It is in the same pile as the other two.

7. My Midnight Mystery quilt - I'm still working on the top, but would love to get it done and quilt this quarter. I figured out this week that I didn't complete my courthouse step blocks, so I'm a little further behind than I thought, but I think I can get back on track and finish it this quarter.

8. My Turning 20 BOM quilt - To be honest I'm not loving the revealed quilt, so I think I'm going to change the layout. I like the blocks themselves, but not their finishing layout. This may end up as a donation quilt simply because I'm not loving it. But I would like to get it finished.

9. Callie & Beau's wedding quilt - I would like to have this finished by their first anniversary, which is in April. I have the blocks back, I've purchased the backing, now I just need to get to work.

10. My Cross Quilt - this started as a bee quilt in 2014, but I wanted it larger and I've been making blocks here and there forever.  I'm down to only needing about 30 blocks and I will be done with that portion. If I can get them done, and it put together that would be awesome. It will be the first bed size quilt I've done.

Quilts that need to be bound

11. Angela's Memory quilt - I need to bind it and to bury the threads on it it. But I can't gift it until they are all done, so I need to get to work on all of them.

With 11 items on my list I would have to get 1 per week done for the rest of the quarter, which isn't really possible, but I am hoping to get at least some of the done and off of my list and out of my house (well at least 5 of them because they are definitely going elsewhere). Today I'm going to link up the A Quilter's Table, but there are lots of places you can link up if you want.

2016 FAL


  1. So many pretty projects, I find just making a list helps, it gets the project out of my head (clutter) and then gives me something to look at and choose from when I have a few minutes, and then in the end something to cross off. Good luck, you can at least make a dent in this list.

  2. That's a mighty large list. Good luck. I need to make a decision on what to include on my own list.

  3. That's a great list for you to choose from. I love your cross quilt so I hope you make some progress on it. The Midnight Mystery is on my list too. I still have to post it.

  4. Great works in progress, I love your fabrics in the mystery quilt!

  5. Did we make your cross blocks as long ago as 2014? I feel like I should have made and posted more. I still love the look of those blocks and think you made a great choice.


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