Thursday, June 4, 2015

Quilty Thankful Thursday #25

Happy Thursday everyone, I hope you are have a spectacular week, I know I am. Ok maybe that is just a little over the top, but why not be super cheery. I'm here today to let you know what I'm thankful for this week, and I have lots of reasons to be thankful.  But I'll only give you five of them.

1.  Sunshine. I think it is now five days in a row of sunshine and no rain.  Looking at the forecast it might be mid next week before we get rain again.  It has gotten hot, but I will take that as long as I get to see puffy white clouds and sunshine. On Sunday I was out photographing my latest finish and found some pretty red flower just soaking up the sun.

2. My Turn as Queen.  This is my month to be the Queen Bee of the Stash Bee Hive Johanna and I'm very excited.  In this bee we have a range of blocks to choose, depending on the month you are queen. I selected the Tic Tac Toe block, one because I like the look of it and too it is a fairly easy block.  Since I like bigger quilts I will need to make several myself so I wanted a block I would enjoy.  I selects low volume background, grey corners and bright crosses.  I made two sample blocks to show my bee mates and here they are.

3. A Clean Sewing Space. I swear it was just the other day that I cleaned the sewing room, but it seems like several of the blocks I've had to do for my bees have required lots of scraps/colors and so I think I've had every FQ storage box out so many times that I just left them on the floor. But last weekend I finished and mailed my blocks and I finished the test quilt top I was piecing so that meant it was time to clean. All my fabric got put away, the floor was swept (a couple of time) and I set about cleaning my sewing machine. Then oops the feed dogs wouldn't raise.  So it is in the shop for a good cleaning and repair.  The repair guy said it would be a simple fix. While it is gone I gave my sewing area a good clean.  

4. New Fabric. I'm always thankful for new fabric because it just makes me happy.  I bought a bundle of the mini pearl bracelet fabric off of Massdrop.  I like the pearl bracelet fabric, but I think I like the mini even more.  I don't have real plans for it at the moment, and it may just go into my fat quarter bins, but for now I'm holding it back because I may want to use it for something else.  

5. Bee Blocks Sent. I'm not sure what happened to May, but it was over way too soon.  I swear I didn't sleep through it, but it feels like it.  I had my Stash Bee blocks early in the month, but somehow not my Bee Hive block.  I ended up taking them all to the post office on Saturday, so they were out just in the nick of time.  I'm going to have to work on that this month, I don't like being that late. Here are the two types of blocks I made.

Well that wraps up my week of things for which I am thankful.  But I'm hoping to have time to blog tomorrow about the test quilt top I finished this past weekend.  I'm very happy with it and I can't wait to show it off to everyone.  Today I'm linking up with Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl.


  1. I'm glad to hear that things have dried up a bit in your area; I know you needed a break. Now if only we could get some rain out this way... your photographs are so bright, cheerful, and colorful that it makes me happy, too! :)

  2. We have actually had some sunshine as well. Gorgeous flowers and great blocks for you.

  3. Love the top block in #5! What's it called?

  4. These last two blocks are amazing - love the colors you used! Are they for the Stash Bee? I'm glad your weather cleared up - its still rainy here but should clear up over the weekend.

  5. I tackled number 3 last week. I agree that it is so much nicer to have an organised space. I even filed my sewing patterns properly!


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