Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Lovely Year Of Finishes: October Goal

This year is just passing way too fast, can you believe it is October already.  I will say I'm so looking forward to cooler weather.  I want soup, stew, chili, all the stuff that you eat when it is cold outside. Plus I'm looking forward to snuggling under some quilts.  But I do think that October is going to a slow month for me, well not really slow, just a month that I can't show you the things I'm doing.  But I do want to have some goals set, because they help keep me accountable.

My first goal is one of those things I can't really show you.  I'm making four memory quilts for a friend and her three children.  They are the hardest thing I've ever made for lots of reasons, and because of that I'm moving very slow with them.  My goal is to have at least one of the tops completely pieced.  I have blocks pieced for 2 and the third is being partially done.  After going around and around I finally decided to do simple four patches that are sashed with a solid color.  Everything I did with pretty quilting fabrics seemed to take away from the shirts themselves, which are really the point of the quilts.  I've got to get the solid fabrics ordered as well.  I don't want to show these on the blog until they are gifted, but here is what they looked liked when I received them.

My second goal is to get at least 2 tops quilted this month.  I have a stash of tops to complete, but I want to do Sharla's Box Trot (which you'll see the top on Friday) and one of our trip around the world quilts.  If I get time I would love to get both of your trip quilts done.

My third goal is to get another top cut out for Sharla.  I think she is going to do one using green, yellow, tan, and orange.  But she has a list of possibilities, so it will be up to her to choose. I would love to get another one cut out for me, but I don't want to start another one until I get the memory quilts done.

My fourth goal is get my bee blocks done and in the mail.  I just checked to see what the blocks were going to be and they are sting blocks.  I can't wait to get started on those, I have been saving my scraps to do a quilt like this for myself, so I know I have lots of choices.

My last goal somewhat contradicts the statement about cutting another quilt for myself. I want to get blocks cut out for my Greek Cross quilt.  Now I'm not doing a entire quilt, in fact what I'm working on is my tutorial for my turn as Queen of the Compass Quilters Bee.  My turn isn't until January, but I want to get photos of every step.  It is a super simply block but I will need a lot of them even with what I receive from my Bee mates.  So if I cut a bunch out, and do a couple a week between now and January, then I should be sitting in a good spot once I receive all of my blocks from my Bee mates. And it allows me time to get my photos done, and my tutorial done and not have to worry about it over the holiday season.

I have a ton more things on my list for this month, but most are not really quilt related...ok that is not even everything quilt related, but it is the most important things.   I am linking up with Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts and Melissa of BitterSweet Designs.


  1. So much going on! I hope that you can make really good progress on the memory quilts - even if you can't share it with us for a while. I hope you go slow and get the product you are envisioning in the end.

  2. I am sure the memory quilts will be treasured. I agree that keeping it simple with the design is the right call for quilts like these.
    It sounds like you are well organised in readiness for January's bee!


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