Thursday, January 30, 2014

DaGMT 2014

No I'm not cussing at you, I'm committing to Drop and Give Me Twenty 2014 at Quilting Hottie Haven.  Now that may sound like an exercise program, but I've not gone that far out on a limb.  No I'm committing to 20 minutes every day of sewing/quilting stuff for the month of February.  To participate I have to pledge to the program and here is my pledge.

I, Shauna Trueblood, the owner of way too many unfinished projects, do commit to sewing/quilting activities for twenty minutes a day, for the entire month of February even if that means I don't cook, clean or do anything else productive (wait I don't cook or clean now, but we will just skip over that issue). In doing so I hope to quilt at least 4 quilts, piece at least one top, debone a bag of shirts for some memory quilts and organize my fabric stash in hopes that someday my list of UFOs won't contain over 50 items.  I think Beth Helfter is brilliant for coming up with this concept and inspiring me to join.

So if you have a list of UFO's feel free to join in and possibly win a prize.  You can check it all out at Drop and Give Me Twenty 2014.


  1. You have some great plans. I wish you the best for February!

  2. So happy to have you along! I look forward to seeing your plans become quilts. :)

  3. I had not heard about this! It sounds like fun, but I'll have to think about it. Thanks for sharing,

  4. Let's do this! Hope you get a lot done~ mm


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