Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday, Dec. 9th

Boy am I tired today. Last night Zoey started throwing up again, so it was a trip to the emergency vet, and then I had to be back there this morning before 7:00 am...yes AM to pick her up and take her to the regular vet. Let's just say I enjoy my new schedule that means I don't have to get up until 7:00, so getting up an hour early and going to bed about 1 1/2 hours late means Shauna is a tired girl. They think the heliobactors (not sure if that is spelled correctly) have developed in Zoey again, they are giving her IV fluids and antibiotics. Hopefully I will get to bring her home this afternoon. She was feeling much better this morning when I moved her between vets.

Ok in my effort to get caught up on layouts, I'm going to post some more today. I think all of these were done for the challenges at Stuff to Scrap in November. The first one the challenge was to scrap about another hobby I did besides scrapbooking. So I picked quilting, not that I've done much lately, but I still love it, and if my bank account was larger, I would probably have a room full of fabrics. I just love fabric.

The next layout was done as a journaling challenge. The photos are Sharla and one of the boys we hired to paint when we moved into the house. She wanted a picture of her painting, even though she didn't paint. She was laughing so hard, it was difficult to get a good picture. The second picture with the young man, was how it really worked. She watched him work.

Now this layout was a "What's in a Name" page. I had to use the photo and name of the person, and then think of a word describing the person for each letter of their name. I picked Cole because his name is short, after I was done, I thought I should have used Tom. I love the colors of this page, and believe it or not the kit I used was a soccer kit, but I think it worked great.

This layout we had to use pieces from several mini kits. There were 7 or 8 designers that contributed and you had to use at least one item out of every kit. It was hard, because some items didn't really go with the photo I wanted to use. I think I change the photo about 5 times and ended up with this one of Cathy on her motorcycle. She was leaving the cottage after the family reunion. And for whatever reason, seeing her on the bike always makes me smile.

Ok this was a hard challenge, you had to use a bad photo, and I'm sure ya'll know I don't take any bad photos...HA HA HA...ok maybe that is stretching it just a little. Maybe it would be better to say I don't save my bad photos. Well luckily I had several SD cards that I had not copied the photos from, so I had a large selection. I found one of Tucker with one eye closed (a common photo for him) and it just popped into my head Popeye the that became my layout.

Ok the last one for today was done for the "Family Photo" challenge. I didn't do just the standard everyone standing looking at the camera photo. I picked one of Callie, Mom and Aunt Hazel at the family reunion. It is was one of many photos of Callie with people on that trip. She is just so fun loving and outgoing, it was hard to resist snapping photos of her as she interacted with everyone.

Ok that is it for today. My lunch hour is over and I've got to take a nap...ohhh I mean get back to work...later.

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