Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thursday, Dec. 31st

Happy New Year's Eve everyone. Can you believe I'm blogging again today. Don't expect daily updates in the future, as much as I would like to do so, it just isn't in me. Look at the time, I almost forgot today's blog, I talked about it earlier with a friend, but then forgot once I got home. But I so wanted to get everything posted that I had done this year.

So here goes, the first one today is one of the last ones I did this year, it is of Callie and her Christmas present. Since she bought her house she asked for practical gifts like a rake. She laughed when she saw the package. Although it wasn't fun unwrapping the handle because Sharla taped it too well.

Next is one I did for a speed scrap and is Cole at Guyer High School Game, he is the one carrying the US flag. He looks so grown up in his uniform, but he is still such a goof ball at times. It is so hard for me to believe that he is 16...where did the sweet little boy go.

Now for another speed scrap layout. It is Callie on Thanksgiving after dinner. She was just wiped out, so she found a spot on the floor and laid down. When I starting taking pictures, she began making funny faces. She is one of a kind.

Next is Sharla and Cooper napping, no they don't nap all the time, well they do quite often, but I don't always take pictures of it. I just love this series of photos, and I took a lot that day, so here they are again. I really like the photo of him giving her a kiss.

Ok the last one is another speed scrap, and it is of Cooper. The photo was taken several years ago, and from the looks of it just before he was groomed. He was definitely fuzzy. It is one of my favorite pictures of him. It was before he hated cameras. Now it is hard to get him to look at you if you are holding a camera.

I had two other hybrid projects, but I didn't really like them, I only did them to complete some challenges, so I decided not to post them here. YEAH.....I got them all in, whoo hooo, six minutes to spare. Thanks to everyone who stops by to see what I'm doing. I hope to continue next year, and I've even signed up for a 52 week project so I have to do at least one layout a week. I hope everyone has a Blessed New Year....

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