Thursday, March 5, 2015

Quilty Thankful Thursday #12

I know two blog posts in one day, what am I thinking. Well I started the ALYOF post yesterday and never finished it and today is Thankful Thursday (which has been renamed to Quilty Thankful Thursday), so you get to hear from me twice today....I know you're all thankful for that...hehehe.

I like to make lists, it is that left brain part of me, and I do it for everything including thankful things. It is a good way to focus on the positive. So here is my list for this week.

1. I'm thankful for bee mates. I've received two more sets of cross blocks and I love them both. Tanyia and Sharon both sent great blocks and there are a couple of super cute ones. I love the giraffe print Tanyia used and the kangaroo print Sharon used, they both just made me smile.

2. I'm thankful for blog giveaways. I visited a lot of blogs during the Grow Your Blog Hop and even won a cute pouch stuffed with great goodies from Super Mom No Cape. I love the pouch and everything in it. Now have to figure out what I'm going to do with that super cute candy bar of fabric.

3. Today I'm very thankful I work from home. We got sleet, ice and snow last night, and it is great that I got to stumble out of bed, put on my house shoes and walk to my desk. Even nicer I didn't have to take Sharla to work, so I got to sleep a little later.

4. I am also very thankful for all of the wonderful colorful fabrics that are in my stash and available to me. I sometimes cut at my desk during conference calls and I will put the tiny bits and pieces into a jar. This morning I saw the jar and was reminded of all the great fabrics I've played with over the last month or so. I will eventually dump this and fill it again, but for now I'm just happy that I have had the opportunity to use these.

5. And lastly today I'm thankful for small packages, especially one filled with goodies like Alison Glass Sun Prints. Recently Massdrop had a drop for a bundle of Bike Path prints, which are probably one of my most favorite prints. Who doesn't love dots on a wavy path? So of course I joined in and purchased some and they arrived late yesterday. I know it is silly, but I am so happy when I get fabric. I have no plans for these yet, but I'm sure they will make their way into the cross quilt.

Well that is my list for the week, and it is only a small part of my big list of reasons to be thankful.  I am linking up with Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl for Quilty Thankful Thursday.


  1. On icy, rainy, yucky days I am so glad I don't have to be out on the roads, too! What a cute package to win from the Grow Your Blog posts. :) Thanks so much for linking up every week!

  2. I'm so glad you liked the pouch with matching thimble pip, pincushion and scissor keeper I made for my giveaway for the Grow Your Blog Event. Have fun using them. And have fun sewing something with the Oasis candy bar too.

  3. I am a left-brained list writer too. I get it.


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